Angelic – Portrait Art

Last night I stopped this portrait at one point because I got tired and I was afraid I will mess this up.

So here is the whole process because you guys liked it last time.




This is where I stopped yesterday.


Then today I completed with a lot of trial and error and following is the final result under 2 different lights.


WhatsApp Image 2021-03-17 at 12.46.50 AM

I must mention the tutorial I took help from,

Please feel free to share feedback (especially if thereโ€™s something I can fix).

Your suggestions help me grow.

Thank you ๐Ÿ˜Š


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  1. .Albrecht Dรผrer Vero No. 7
    Woman of eight head length

    The eleventh part of the body, the face, from the chin to hairline.
    The face is divided into four parts, which together comprises one eight of the body.

    The ear is as long as the nose and half the width of the neck, measured from the back to the bottom of the chin in line with the beginning of the eyebrows and the point of the hair.

    From bellybutton to the underside of the chin one-quarter of the body length.
    The face is one-eleventh of a person’s entire height. If a one-fourteenth part is added it will make it the eight-part of the body length that equals the head.

    The neck below the chin is equal in width to half of the head.

    The forehead begins on the line above where the chin ends.

    The distance from the eyebrows to the chin equals that from the chin to the low point of the neck.

    The shoulder is on a level with the low point of the neck. It inclines to a point as high as half the width of the neck.

    The width of the shoulder is equal to the distance from the neck to the eyebrows.
    The thickness of a shoulder equals that of the neck.

    unfortunately, I was not able to insert the accomplishing sketches

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