Story of My LIFE!

Taper Ahhahah This is so painfully funny!! I read it and I went like….story of my life!!! Well Guys as you all might know by now I have autoimmune so the medication used to treat me were immune-suppressants like imuran (azathioprine), cellcept (mycophenolat) and….. ….you guessed it already right??? THE DEVILS TIC TACS! Aka prednosone/prednisolone/gupisone…… Continue reading Story of My LIFE!

Most Bizarre Interview EVER!

So. I was telling you guys about my first interview. Here is the link of previous post about it; Crisp! But you can just read this one too it will still make sense. Are all the conference rooms this dead silent?? I was having a conversation with the genius ME! There was haunting silence in the…… Continue reading Most Bizarre Interview EVER!

Crazy Stupid Hospitality!

My family is weirdly over-hospitable, specially my parents. Everybody knows where to go when they are hungry for some home-cooked food. Sounds sweet right?? Then how can it be weird?? Well… when we have guests, feeding them till their eyes start popping out becomes my parent’s ultimate goal. They can go to ridiculous lengths to…… Continue reading Crazy Stupid Hospitality!