Unparalleled Queen of Disasters, Or Just Another Day…

Well…fuck! It’s official I’m the ultimate queen of disasters. The force to reckon with when it comes to making mistakes, one after another, and then another.  The never-ending domino effect of blunders. Did I tell you about a hiring process that I’m going through involving 4 countries so far? Wait for it if I haven't,... Continue Reading →

Last Day of 2022

We went shopping, I, Dad and my brother. And dad broke all the records, not only his records, he broke mom’s too (which is a remarkable feat) He got a ton of clothes, and clothes matching with clothes, and contrasting with those. First time in my life I realized men can adorn more pieces (big... Continue Reading →

Hello Hibernation!

Waking people should be a crime. Especially during lectures. Most of us struggle with getting proper sleep, thanks to our lifestyles. Training halls are hands down the most sleep-friendly places ever! with the best sleep hygiene. There’s dim light for projectors. Attendees are quiet, of course, they dosed off 3 minutes into the intro… Trainers... Continue Reading →

Boredom strikes…

So. I figured, there’s more a bobby pin can do than holding your hair in place. If you bend it right, it can give you the outline of a nice eye, for drawing. And it can actually stand on its own on your laptop where you have a little magnetic field close to your touchpad.... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Hope…

Remember hope?? This is what it looks like now... For people who don’t remember (or don’t know), when I moved here, I wanted to plant something, so that I can see something grow in front of me, like...new me, new life, new plants etc etc. And as always my first options are herbs, mint being... Continue Reading →

Nose Problems

So. Your girl deligently started using sunscreen. Not insta-deligently..normal people deligently! Like i apply an amount that covers my face, not one side of mount everest. And whats biggest feature on my face? My nose! I didn't know how slippery a human nose can get untill i wore glasses at work. They would slide down... Continue Reading →

New life new bangs…

You know you have reach your personal zenith of fearlessness when you give yourself a haircut, unsupervised, and unprofessionally. Now this is my first haircut at dad’s place so I didn’t have my stuff with me.  I could find a paper scissors, had to wash glue off it. Couldn’t find a tail comb…not even a... Continue Reading →

Fat Tailless Chameleon

Few weeks back I was standing in my living room when Dad was sitting on a sofa when midway he paused, then stood up and then let out the most dramatic “WHAAATTTT” he has ever let out. It was soap opera level dramatic! I thought if he stood up, I shouldn’t even try to sit... Continue Reading →

Storm of Random Phases

“I know you are bored, but how bored are you?” My brother’s worried tone startled me when I was diligently scratching dried slime and glitter glue from my bed sheet..because…nieces… “Umm. It was bothering me and sort of scratching me when I slept (I lied) and look this is coming off so easily” (along-with my... Continue Reading →

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