Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness

22 May, 2018

I started this whole thing on a whim and the way you guys came forward to help is overwhelming. This post looks like a mini support group now for which again I am grateful for each one of you who joined in. It’s been a humbling experience overall.

Today I will start circulating through my trusted 2-3 friends outside blogosphere. I urge you share this post too.

And I would highly appreciate and recommend you reach out to each other too. That’s what helps the most at any given day.

I wont stop this effort here. I will continue to send invites, gather more fighters on random basis and keep on adding them here as long as I have energy.

Thanks a lot everyone for helping me through this. Your support and appreciate means the world to me. 🙂

Apr 27, 2018

I need help from all of you. Not for me only but for everyone who is dealing with a mental health problem.

Friends, in our part of world mental health problems are still something we feel too ashamed to talk about.

Either they are misunderstood as some sort of witchcraft or the person is conveniently labeled a psycho and abandoned, mostly emotional.

A loved one of mine is living with serious disorders.

I have no strength and adequate knowledge (as i haven’t seen it myself yet) to write about it, i will hold back my own stream of words for a while until i know what i am talking about.

But i want to raise awareness on the subject as this is consuming our lives and pretty much this era.

People don’t even care about it until unless it doesn’t happen to a person very close or them and then they don’t know how to deal with it.

Families get destroyed and i can’t even imagine what people with serious disorders go through.

So i need your help here.

I know a lot of us are dealing with some sort of mental health issue.

Whoever writes about their own experience and want to be read pease drop your blog address or any specific post you want people to read in the comments below.

I will keep gathering links here everyday by linking this post to my every post as we approach May, which is mental health awareness month.

I have a time frame in mind. By 10th May or 15th May I am hoping we will have a good number of links covering different disorders.

Then i plan to circulate this post to my trusted friends outside blogosphere. And tell them to circulate it on social media. That’s the plan right now. I may come up with a better one for getting the word around but right now that’s best i could think of.

If you have a suggestion please let me know.

I am assuming majority of the countries are way behind in mental health awareness. And they need to be told by people living with this demon.

They need to know how serious it is.

They need to realise people living with mental disorders need to be taken care of, loved and supported. They shouldn’t be thrown out of society. Above all they need to be heard, understood and treated like any other human.

Even better if you add a 2 to 3 line description of your blog (name of your condition) with the link.

I will search more conditions and invite them to incorporate their blogs here too. if you want you can reblog this post.

I am trying to make this post as knowledgeable as possible with the help of people facing these situations first hand.

Let’s do it guys.

In the end it’s going to help all of us.

We need to clear misconceptions and break the stigma faced by people who are already fighting an endless battle within their own body.

We need to help each other before this wildfire eats up everything around us.

Looking forward to your contributions.

Thank you.


As everything is getting lost in comment section I am copying comments of people who have joined here:

1.   SophiesWisdom7
https://sophieswisdom7.wordpress.com/blog/ Mostly just anxiety, with a bit of depression and autism spectrum. I understand the stigma attached to mental health..

2.  fyodorhastings  
abaddon1215.blogspot.com. manic depressive with schizoid tendencies and acute anxiety(officially diagnosed and treated with medication, symptom free for five years now) also previously suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder.
note also: because of my condition, I voluntarily refuse to own a gun.

3.  ashleyleia 
Great idea!
I’m a mental health nurse with depression and a history of suicide attempts writing about my own experience. https://mentalhealthathome.wordpress.com.

4.   Lawrence Illoc
Hello community
Great initiative. I’ll reblog it for sure.
I’m Lawrence Illoc from bipolaronlineblog.com
I am Bipolar 2 rapid cycle with an Affective Disorder coupled with a severe anxiety disorder. I am heavily medicated to keep stable but even with the treatment, I fall back into depression which is the state that I am currently in.
Two posts that I would suggest: I am not ashamed anymore. And Mentally ill people are living in 1963!

5. PTSD Gal
A Creative PTSD Gal  I thought this to be a great idea and feel it’s a necessary share. I have C-PTSD with anxiety and depression. I don’t write specifically about what happened for me to deal with this on the daily but it’s a struggle. There are times when I can’t get out of bed, triggered by a voice or hat, or a panic attack that not even my medication can help. Please read, share, and if you want-participate.

6. Revenge of Eve
I live with and blog about being diagnosed bipolar, mild ocd and anxiety. I am also an alcoholic in recovery.

7.  RuthEK
Even countries that seem more progressive are seriously in need of better treatment and acceptance of mental illness. We definitely need more awareness. Here in usa people keep trying for more awareness.

8.  BeckiesMentalMess.wordpress.com
Hi Sweetie… I reblogged this as well because of its importance. Here’s my site for your friends and people outside the blogosphere to read about my challenges with mental illness, as well as information regarding most of the challenges we face daily. (https://beckiesmentalmess@wordpress.com/)

9.  StuHN
I don’t write about what I’ve been going through on a blog. Just too painful, and working through it is private and share with, normally, the closest of friends.
I am diagnosed Permanently Partially Disabled with PTSD (from a fire); severe depression, anxiety, social anxiety, and suicidal ideation.
As I’m looking for a job (had to leave my career for medical reasons) I’ve only just started to check the box on online applications that I do have a disability. THAT was hard to do.
Good luck with this. It’s more widespread than anyone cares to admit, or see.

10.  myloudbipolarwhispers
Great idea. I was diagnosed initially with postpartum depression. soon after diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder with rapid cycling and mixed episodes, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder and personality disorder. Whew. That is a mouthful. I am a numerous suicide attempt survivor, a self- harm survivor (no longer do), was addicted to Benzodiazepines (Klonopin) for over twenty years, Klonopin withdrawal survivor and am now currently psychotropic medication free for over 2 1/2 months. I am taking it day by day. So far it is amazing. I hope to be an inspiration that it does get better after the storms. On my blog I write about my story and day to day life as often as possible. I try to educate about mental illness as much as I can, promote suicide prevention and get rid of the stigma. There is a cure for stigma. Get vaccinated with education, compassion, kindness and conversations about mental illness. Mental illness stigma needs to end yesterday. Thank you Stoner on a roller coaster for doing this. You are wonderful. Hugs, Sue

11.  juantetcts
I love that you are taking action on such a worthy cause! Mental Illness runs in my family. A son with Schizophrenia (which my book will share more on later this year), and others with Bipolar Disorder. My book, Renewal Of The Mind:The Upside To Schizophrenia, is also to spread awareness! This journey with my son was literally HELL and had I not been by his side, he would be homeless and on the streets because the system does not care for the mentally ill as they should! I was basically his Case Manager while he was active in his psychosis while holding down two jobs and attending school. I want things to change and society NEEDS change in this area!

12.  Barb
Hi, Stoner! My blog is called Bipolar Barb because my name is Barb, and I’m bipolar. Bipolar Barb takes people on a journey on what it’s like to have both the highs (hypomania) and the (most lows) of depression. Bipolar Barb is not dreary, though!
Thanks for doing this Stoner! ❤❤❤

13.  Jeannette_ptsd
🙂 I have on Depression Post you might like.

14.  midsummerdaydreamer
I suffer from anxiety, depression and PTSD. The following post is about my panic anxiety. Thank you so much for what you’re doing!

15.  idaisdepressed
I’m a 25-year old woman, who went through a suicide attempt and months of hospitalisation. Now I’m writing about my depression journey in hopes of helping others. I also cover other topics that have affected me, such as self-harm and abuse. A fair warning: I swear a lot. Thank you for your time! xx

16.  Kel
This was a big post to write but I tried to be real about suicide.
Also, what you’re doing is great 😊

17.  behcetsandborderline
Hi. I’m 24 years old and I have Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Generalised Anxiety Disorder, Depression, OCD, PTSD, and EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified). Sometimes I think I have Bipolar or Cyclothymia, but it’s hard to tell with everything else I’ve got going on!
There are different blog posts pertaining to my different disorders. Feel free to just look through them https://behcetsandborderline.wordpress.com/
If you want more specific posts about BPD, give these a try:
Those posts probably make me look really unhinged, but I think it’s important to show the reality of living with BPD.

18.  allyaldridge
Hi, my blog isn’t specifically about mental health but it is something that has touched friends, family and myself personally. I really like what you are doing here.
In the UK, we have a mental awareness month in October and to raise awareness I created a poetry collection on Wattpad using poems I wrote when I was in a dark place. I recently wrote a poem for NaPoWriMo (day 26) based on my experience with a link to the poetry collection https://allyaldridge.wordpress.com/2018/04/27/day-26-senses/
In addition, I plan to write a post in a few days on TTC which will also cover my experience of chronic stress. I am hoping to have scheduled for 6 May at 7am GMT.
I still feel nervous speaking about my personal experiences as it feels like a taboo subject and I don’t want those close to me to feel sorry for me.

19.  updownflight
Thank you, stoneronarollercoaster, for the chance to contribute to your stigma fighting efforts!
My blog contains about 100+ posts under the category of “mental health”. That’s about 50% of my total posts. My mental health-related posts are either articles or reflections on the topic, or my own personal stories living with mental illness (bipolar disorder and other mental health challenges). I have definitely written on the topic of stigma. Since fighting stigma is the primary aim of your post, I’m happy to share a few (or more- Whoops!) I’ve written on this topic.My post “Another type of bravery worthy of recognition (surviving hardships)” at https://birdflight.blog/2017/11/27/__trashed-2/ is meant to remind myself and others with mental health issues that having a mental illness is not a sign of weakness, but actually reflects how brave we are to fight it. Soldiers that go to war are considered brave. People fighting severe illnesses like cancer are brave. The bravery of the mentally ill is sometimes shown over long periods of time. Often others don’t recognize our bravery. Don’t let such people’s stigma (or even our own) tell us otherwise.My posts “Hating is not fair” at https://birdflight.blog/2017/03/25/hating-is-not-fair/ and “Why jails and prisons shouldn’t be mental health asylums” at https://birdflight.blog/2017/09/20/why-jails-and-prisons-shouldnt-be-asylums/ discuss the serious issue of how jails and prisons replaced psychiatric hospitals (for some mentally ill) after deinstitutionalization in the US. It is way too common for people, including politicians, to demonize some people with serious mental health issues. I also mention the tragedy of how some mentally ill end up homeless instead of receiving the care they need. Stigma plays a part in these problems. Stigma is also responsible for differences in parity for mental healthcare and other healthcare coverage in my country.My post “Mental Health Advocacy – This is what I sent today” at https://birdflight.blog/2017/11/28/mental-health-advocacy-this-is-what-i-sent-today-w-bonus-requests/ is just one example of how people can fight stigma. It also outlines some of the issues mentioned in the “Hating is not fair” post. The point is that action is required in this fight. Inaction and passivity do very little.My post “Labeling yourself (or others) “I am [insert illness]” at https://birdflight.blog/2017/03/20/labeling-a-yourself-or-others-i-am-insert-illness/ goes into the topic of equating a person (or yourself) with a mental illness. People with mental illnesses are people first. We have great value to ourselves and others that have nothing to do with illness. We are afflicted with an illness, but are not the illness itself. Mentally ill have the same rights as others. When others (or even a person with a mental illness themselves) look at people with mental illnesses as tainted or flawed, that represents stigmatization.Finally, I told a true story a while back in a post called “Two different kinds of prejudice and my inability to speak up one time” at https://birdflight.blog/2017/12/03/two-different-kinds-of-prejudice-and-my-inability-to-speak-up/ . The types of prejudice in that story are racial prejudice, (maybe sexism and/or ageism), and stigma against the mentally ill. I witnessed what I thought were some or all that day. People reading this post may hold it against me that I didn’t speak up. It’s true the perhaps I would deserve that. But it demonstrates that not speaking up in some way (at least if not later) is all too common. I thought these types of prejudice weren’t common in my hometown, but obviously they do exist.[I know, I always write too much. By the way, people can read more about my personal story in the posts available through my “story series” category list.]

20.  ASMC
Very admirable goal indeed.. If my blog is at all helpful I’d love to be a warrior!

21.  Casey Elizabeth Dennis
I love what you are doing! ❤
Since my blog is about a few subjects, I had to filter through and find some I thought would fit:
This is an article I wrote about the bright side of bipolar disorder:
Here’s a few about the struggle of bipolar disorder:

22.  Avionne’s Legacy
Greetings from the Caribbean. I must commend you on the excellent work that you are doing in raising awareness in hopes of ending the stigma surrounding mental illness, in making people become more knowledgeable and aware of this taboo subject, which has been allowed to swept under a rock for so long.
In November 2017, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder (which my psychiatrist said I had at first, but this year 2018, I was misdiagnosed with); I also suffer from social anxiety disorder, schizoid personality disorder, anxiety, depression, generalized anxiety disorder (that what my psychiatrist re-diagnosed me as having presently); which I have been suffering from for years, even thou the signs and symptoms were there, which I completely ignored and went about my daily life. I quit my full-time job to focus on my full recovery and in December 2017, I took to blogging and sharing my story and launch my blog Avionne’s Legacy (http://avionneslegacy.wordpress.com), which chronicles my continued struggles with all my mental health conditions and all of lives challenges, which the journey is not as easy, the road to recovery, there are many leaps and bounds that I have to go through and endure.

23.  easetheride
A blog I started to document my experiences in therapy and my path towards overcoming depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder.
This was a great idea! I will be checking out some of these blogs shared by everyone before me.

24.  Jackie Lea Sommers
I write about OCD and related topics at http://www.jackieleasommers.com!

25.  mentallynotreytspeaks
https://wp.me/p9vJCq-V This one, I think 🙂

26.  moniqueeliz
My blog focuses on chronic illnesses, both physical and mental. I share my experiences with specific conditions in a mission to help fellow spoonies and advocate for those with these illnesses.
In the top bar, hover over categories and the drop down menu will show “Mental Health”. From there you can choose to read my posts about Anxiety, Depression, and OCD.

27.  gettingthroughanxiety
Hi. My name is B.W. Ginsburg and on my blog, Getting Through Anxiety, I talk about my struggles with the mental health issue and how with hard work and faith in ourselves, we can overcome our obstacles. I also freelance for the site, The Seeds 4 Life, and am a published author. I hope to help others struggling with anxiety realize that they are not alone and that they are stronger than that which threatens to hold them back.

28.  Jeff Cann
Hey Stoner: like half of the content on my blog is about being mentally illness and mental health. I don’t know what to do except post the category that pulls up all those posts – https://jefftcann.com/category/mental-health/

29.  KD
About 3/4 of my posts are mental Illness/ mental health related. Lately a whole lot of working through a dysfunctional therapy relationship that ended poorly and painfully. But I have been diagnosed with C-PTSD, Major Depressive Disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. I’m sure I have more going on that is undiagnosed but these are the things I tend to grapple with on my page. Here is my link: https://herpatchworkheart.com

30.  Kitt O’Malley
KittOMalley.com: Mental health advocate, wife & mother neglects housework as she writes, connects using social media, and lives with bipolar disorder. Thank you.

31.  violaetcetera
Depression, anxiety and Borderline Personality Disorder.

32.  Danielle_po30’s
http://Www.PinkStarburstAnxiety.com is me… Panic disorder mixed with an Anxiety disorder and bouts of plunging into depression. Recently “divorced” after 7 years ago mental abuse which has created a form of PTSD.

33.  Simone
I write about eating disorders, depression, anxiety, selfharm and suicidality. I am a survivor of all of them and fighting my way into recovery. Raising awareness of mental health issues is so important – globally. Thank you for your post and I hope your loved one is finding strength and hope for recovery.

34.  Sarah
Hi! What a great initiative. I write frankly about my experiences with Bipolar II Disorder. I have studied psychology and worked in mental health so I have experienced the professional and personal side of mental health conditions. Sarah Elle xx

35.  kimberlyf
I blog about life. Especially living with bipolar disorder and anxiety, and a small amount of content about living with an eating disorder.

36.  Em
http://earthlybrain.com/living-ocd-thoughts/.  I sometimes write about my OCD

37.  lovepda
HI, thank you for inviting me to share my blog on your site for mental health awareness. I write to share advice about a condition within the autistic spectrum, called PDA, pathological demand avoidance.Those with PDA share autistic traits and have additional extreme anxiety around completing every day tasks. My daughter is PDA and also suffers from OCD. These conditions are often invisible to others and sufferers can lead every difficult lives without the correct support and understanding. My blog is called lovepda.wordpress.com if anyone wishes to learn more. Love to you all. x

38.  Khaye Co
KhayesKhronicles.blog I blog about my day to day life dealing with depression and anxiety. I’ve just started so not much there yet, but I will do my best to post, especially during May =)

39.  manyofus1980
http://therapybits.com/ we have dissociative identity disorder complex ptsd, depression and anxiety disorder, we blog about our life with these disorders, and our therapy process…

40.  youwillbearwitness,  youwillbearwitness.com supports your cause on highlighting the stigma surrounding mental health. Anything we can do to help just shout out. Erin

41.  Ann Marie Bryant

42.  Anna Waldherr
AVoiceReclaimed.com – An abuse survivor’s views on abuse, its aftermath, and abuse-related issues. Part of the tragedy of abuse is that it can leave victims with serious and long-lasting emotional and mental health issues including PTSD, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and eating disorders. AVoiceReclaimed.com discusses these issues openly while seeking to encourage and empower victims.

43.  Amanda
https://amandasexperience.wordpress.com/ I blog about trying to get through grad school (I’m a PhD student) and life in general(!) with social anxiety disorder [specifically extreme anxiety dealing with authority figures], seasonal depression, and general anxiety disorder. I also blog about the therapy process in general, and all the difficulties associated with being in therapy. In general — just trying to break the stigma in any way I can!

44.  doctorkimrosenthal
Thanks for inviting me to leave a comment. I’m really excited about your initiative and would love to participate.
Mine is an educational website about mental illness and all things human, ranging from articles about psychiatric conditions to therapy, imagery exercises, making friends, writing, humor, cartoons, and psychedelic-looking worksheets to hopefully get people thinking.
(My name is Kim Rosenthal, and I’m a psychiatrist practicing in NC. My goal with this website is to help people remember their passions and strengths as much as learn about their illness. But in the end, I started it just to remind people that no one has to go it alone.)
Thanks so much.

45.  digitalbook12
i’m blogging my depression and anxiety, i hope you can get at least a little hope and idea in how to deal with it, and thank you for making this awareness, i wish this could reach to every individual who’s facing the said situation, feel free to read my blog.

46.  mamasshadows
Oh I’m so busy these days I almost missed it. What a great thing you are doing. Brilliant idea. Thank you for becoming a warrior. I would submit myself with binge eating disorder and anxieties. I guess a bit of (unknown) PTSD. And we have autism or Asperger too.

47.  whatthelog
>I’m Wendy, a book blogger who talks about mental health on Mondays. I’ve written around 50 posts about my struggles with depression, anxiety, and psychosis.

48.  Tim Dreby
Thank you for your excellent idea. I am a psychotherapist living with schizophrenia, the “S” word. I have created a new way of defining “psychosis” which I prefer to call special messages. I like to bring people who suffer together in groups and start telling my story and get people to tell theirs. Then, we look at common elements that we share in common with each other and learn coping skills from how we are different. Its a simple concept. It changes lives. It works well with the hearing voices movement.
I write about it on my blog: http://www.timdreby.com
I have also written an award winning memoir you will be able to purchase directly from the blog in just a few days.
we need to join together and end the isolation around this!!!!!
I also have suffered from eating disorders personality disorders, ptsd. THey all work together but I have a pretty good life.

49.  orangewallsblog
orangewallsblog.wordpress.com A hobby writer and someone living with Bipolar and psychosis. I think this is amazing!!

50.  myauthenticmind88
Hello all you fellow warriors!
I am a female aspie (Asperger Syndrome for those of you who don’t know) who struggles with a few mental disorders including depression and anxiety. I have been married for almost a year, absolutely adore animals, obsessed with music, and have other obsessive hobbies. II want to thank Stoner On A Rollercoaster for this opportunity to share and unite. I always look forward to meeting new bloggers especially those who have similar experiences to my own and welcome you with open arms. 🙂
If you are interested in my mental health story you can start by following this link
To know a bit more about moi, click here
Finally, if you are still interested and want to read more you can click here

51.  TheDreamingPanda
Thanks so much for inviting me! Below is my blog information:
I write at http://www.thedreamingpanda.com about my autoimmune condition called PANS/PANDAS that caused my OCD, Anorexia, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, and Tourette’s Syndrome. PANS/PANDAS attacks the brain, which then causes psychiatric/neurological symptoms. I have to do both traditional therapy to cope and medical treatments to stop the autoimmune attack. I blog about my recovery and the unique challenges of PANS/PANDAS.
Here’s a post I did on my OCD and how PANS/PANDAS influences it: https://thedreamingpanda.com/2018/02/07/why-therapy-isnt-enough-when-you-have-pans-ocd/

52.  Wind Kisses
WOW! Just seeing the number of responses is astounding. It IS real. I interact with people that have PTSD daily, family and friends with both bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders, not to mention addictions that morph into mental well being. I think if someone isn’t affected, then they live in a bubble. SOAR, I am SO proud of you for having a gathering place for everyone. http://www.windkisses.com No one is alone..

53.  uniqueblogme
Day to day living with schizoaffective disorder.

54.  Ooi Zao May
My blog address:
(Schizophrenia, irritable bowel syndrome, self harming behavior)
My favorite blog post: https://ooizaomay512.wordpress.com/2018/04/13/my-schizophrenia-and-self-stigma/Thank you for the invitation:)

55.  dronstadblog
Here’s my contribution to your mission. https://dronstadblog.wordpress.com/2018/05/02/depression-may-the-mental-health-awareness-month

56.  Penny Wilson Writes
A worthwhile cause indeed. I’ve written about this very thing myself several times on my blog. You can find one of those pieces here: https://pennywilsonwrites.com/2018/02/14/getting-help-for-depression/

57.  voxhumbugsite
I have been living with Social Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder all my life, though I was only diagnosed ten years ago. Most days I function very well, but others I feel like I can’t do anything: interact with people, write, or work.
I fight the dragon every day.
Some days I win.
Some days he wins.
The problem is we’re evenly matched.
I’m stronger than I look, so he can never defeat me.
But he is persistent, so I can never defeat him.
Below is a link to a poem I wrote about my dragon.

58.  HyperchildChillmom
What a fantastic idea. Sorry I haven’t responded sooner. We have a lot on our plate.
This is our Blog on ADHD and anxiety. We blog very honestly and openly, hoping to help others!
Please let us know how we can help!

59.  sarishboo
Hey Everyone!
My name is Sarish, my blog touches upon the importance of self-care, confidence, and mental wellness. My mother suffers from depression and schizophrenia due to my brother’s cerebral palsy. I’m a positive spirit in the blogosphere and I want others to feel the same too. Check out some of my posts and collaborations, I love meeting new people and building connections! 🙂

60.  Robert Matthew Goldstein
Thank you for doing this. Here are a couple of links to mental health posts on Art by Rob Goldstein:

61.  That Oddish Lady
Hey there,
Thanks for the invite on this important topic.
I am a Neurodivergent Anxious Hypersensitive Introvert with ADHD and who knows what else. Yeah, life’s been tough. I started blogging a few months back here:

62.  Laura Beth
Hello! My name is Laura Beth, and I’m the author of Hot Shot Headlines. I’ve been writing for this blog since April 2014. In the summer of 2015, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I don’t write about my anxiety frequently, but here’s one significant post that I wrote in August 2016.

63.  Frances
Hi, I write about anorexia and depression as well as generally raising awareness of all mental health at http://www.mindfulsurvivor.wordpress.com I’ve been through serious illness and a lot of different therapies etc to recover. Now in recovery, I know it’s possible!

64.  Burning Phoenix
This is a great cause you have going!
I write anonymously about my schizoaffective disorder (schizophrenia and depression) at https://myschizomind.wordpress.com/

65.  wediditptsd
In reply to your comment on our blog, we support the mission to remove mental health stigma. Just as everyone has physical health, everyone has mental health.
Our blog tries to motivate us and others as we struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), dissociative identify disorder (DID, formerly called multiple personality disorder-MPD), derealization, depersonalization, OCD. We do feel shame from our trauma and fear of stigma adds shame.
We attempt to use non-violent communication to help us and others meet our needs.

66.  Sam Ruck
Hi I’m Sam, and I’ve been blogging for about 8 years on wordpress about the healing journey my wife and are taking together. My emphasis is on things an SO can do to facilitate the healing process, and a little about some of the struggles I’ve had to deal with as I help.
This link is currently my most popular post: https://samruck2.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/lying-and-dissociative-identity-disorder/

67.  Dani☆Touch My Spine Book Reviews☆
Hello there!💙 I’m Dani and I have been battling a severe mental illness from a very young age. I was tortured staying at age 6 and my abuser would go as far as drowning me to revive me. I have seen a lot of hardship by the age of 7 but I had this amazing way to escape and that was to completely detach and dissociate. It saved me from so much suffering. Unfortunately, it stuck with me and I have been battling Dissociative identity disorder from the age of 7. My illness did not stop there either with having a mother with schizophrenia some of this has passed down as well. Throughout my years it has been nearly impossible to cope which led to many days of dissociation, catatonia, and over 50 stays in mental facilities. Even though it took forever for me to learn to manage and I still battle with the PTSD now. I can tell you it will probably be difficult to get better but nothing is more important and worth fighting for and there is a light at the end of the tunnel! I wish the best for all involved. I have two post that I posted about my illness or Ptsd. You can find one at https://touchmyspinebookreviews.com/2018/01/10/fractured-mind-of-a-broken-child/
and @ https://touchmyspinebookreviews.com/2017/12/02/book-review-and-my-story-me-too-essays-about-how-and-why-this-happened/

68.  Samantha
Hi. I’m a new blogger but not new to mental illness. I have chronic depression and anxiety brought on by years of multiple physical diseases. I also battled Post Partum Depression in 1994 when I had my daughter as a young married woman of 19. I just thought I was depressed, so I didn’t seek help. I was ashamed. My father has paranoia schizophrenia but was high functioning-meaning he was able to work and do most things with medication. There were tumultuous times in my childhood & young adult life though. Things have settled down. My young brother has severe OCD. My website is faintinglady.com.

69.  Charmaine
I write about my experience and journey with my spouse who has dissociative identity disorder (DID).

70.  Matt,  Oy oy!
Soooo, I’m Matt. Depression and anxiety are my two biggest demons, and one of my main muses for my poetry. I write about the feelings they generate and occasionally the ways I deal with them. ☺http://mspoetry.com/

71.  breakdownchick
Hello!! Thank you for your initiative and invite. I am here to help anyway I can!! There is so much stigma and shame still around mental illness, and if we can unite and be open, we can heal!! Many Blessings ❤ http://www.breakdownchick.wordpress.com

72.  Vivian Zems
What an amazing thing you’re doing. I’ve always suffered from anxiety and over time have been able to manage it. I don’t take medication anymore and I used to beat myself up over my anxiety – because I thought it a weakness. I don’t anymore.
My recent post on fear is how I deal with it.
Another post on its nature:
I have a few others scattered around.
An idea for you: an anthology of stories and poems to raise awareness. You’ve got enough participants here to make it happen.

73.  Bipolar1Blog
I suffer from Bipolar 1 disorder. My blog is https://bipolar1blog.com
Currently, I’m in a very untalkative mood, so here’s the link to my About page which was last edited in 2016.

74.  suavetrans
Hi, I’m Kei, I write a personal blog about my life with bipolar, dissociatice identity disorder and being transgender.
A few posts on the topic

75.  Lauren ♡
This is my personal story about living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) …..
The more sharing we can do, the more awareness we can spread and help to end the stigmas attached

76.  Sarah’s Thinking Again
Great idea. I’m 35, married mum of 2. I have Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder & Generalized Anxiety. I’ve been blogging for a while but please read, follow & share
I’ve also recently been nominated for an award as a Positive Role Model in mental health. Every vote counts so if you could vote it would mean a lot. Click here https://nominate.nationaldiversityawards.co.uk/Nominate/endorse/32608

77.  Sober mummy
Wow, this is wonderful! Thanks for the invite. We all have to stay strong and fight against the stigma of mental health issues. I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder in 2017, although this is now changed to Clinical Depression. I am deeply unhappy with the way the mental health services have treated me.
mrsmilesrecovers.com ❤🌈❤

78.  Anxious Mom
Hey there, I have bipolar 2 and have been diagnosed with multiple anxiety disorders. Here’s one of my posts about dealing with someone re: the bipolar diagnosis.

79.  BorderlineGirl
Mine is about borderline personality disorder and what I face everyday!

80.  borderlinepersonalitydisorder483147263
Hey its bpdaddison
You can call me addy
I would love to help you
I have bpd,ptsd,anxiety,depression, also to go along with that i have the physical illness of m e and also a mysterious chronic illness currently being assessed by a specialist.
My email is princesslucy2017@outlook.com feel free to chat open to telling all and read some of my blogs and use some of my words too.

81.  The Strawberry Cat
Hello, its the strawberry cat here. I have quite a successfull blog where I put a spin on my daily life, struggles by using sarcasm and humor because hell knows if I dont Id shoot myself. I suffer with depression, anxiety, OCD, anemia as well as mom syndrome. You know, where you are sooo tired all the time and your kids are ADHD. Check out my blog 🙂 https://strawberrycat.wordpress.com
Check out this post about depression, https://strawberrycat.wordpress.com/2017/04/21/ill-be-there-oh-wait-no-i-wont/ or this one about me, https://strawberrycat.wordpress.com/about/
Id love to hear from anyone who needs a chat.

82.  Stazia
I’m bipolar and proud to be out. Glitercatsandwine.wordpress.com

83.  Mix Borderline and Anorexic
Hi! I’m a french girl, minimalist with borderline disorder, anorexia, depression, social anxiety and others mental disorders who try to recovery, on my blog I track my recovery, write my story/experiences/ideas,… and that’s help me so much, this is a life style blog where I talk of all from my downs to my travel. https://peanutrecovery.com.

84.  jrsoltez
That’s my site. I just started blogging not too long ago, but it’s a melting pot of different topics. I do, however, have anxiety and panic disorders and have also dealt with depression as well. I have blogged a little already in some of those topics as well as fear and suicide/suicidal thoughts/tendencies. I am a Christian, so I often do speak on my faith as well, but I encourage anyone and everyone to come check it out. No judgment. My passion is to use my afflictions to help others and let them know they are not alone and there is hope. I want my words to help others heal. ❤Much love

85.    Alice Funk Farie
https://onedayatatime365web.wordpress.com I have the chemical imbalances of Anxiety Disorder and ADHD. My anxiety was exacerbated by my traumatic childhood which also brought on Complex PTSD. I also have Trichotillomania (which I have not written about as of yet, but I will in the future). I just suffered from a 3 year bout of Clinical Depression due to life circumstances. My daughter has diagnosed Asperger’s Autism which I write about frequently. My adoptive father has Narcissistic Personality Disorder which triggered alot of my circumstantial mental health issues which I write about at length.

86.  me
Thankyou for leaving your link .. I’ve been ‘white-coat’ diagnosed with pts(d) and major depressive disorder for awhile now. I blog about me and pts(d) and all the wonderful ways I manage, struggle, make progress, unfuck myself, live with it, fight it, fight the stigmas, rewrite the stigmas … on a daily basis.
Note: I have little to No reverence for our health system and the diagnoses they like to impart on us. I believe the way we are isn’t supposed to be ‘fixed’ … its supposed to be celebrated 😉
Find Me at: https://meptsdandallthefuckedupshitinbetween.wordpress.com

87. Iggy
Thanks for reaching out! I would love to participate!
Color Me Bipolar (My personal journey through bipolar 2, PTSD, ADHD and other invisible illnesses)

88. Mike Ridenour
My blog is found at https://mridenourblog.wordpress.com/. I deal with PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder. It is part of my life but not my entire life.

89.  justdrivewillyou
This is a great thing you’re doing. The more we all talk about mental illness, the less stigmatized it will become. (Hopefully) I write about several different things on my blog, but I have a whole category devoted to Depression, going back two years. I’ve tried to include some resources for getting help, and especially tried to encourage the men out there, since we guys are notorious for keeping $#!t like this to ourselves. Feel free to share or reblog any of the posts from that category that you feel would be useful. Thanks very much.

90.  Leon Garber
I’d love to be a part of your list, and thank you for commenting on my blog.
My blog deals with issues from the perspective of a therapist and someone who has himself been a patient several times. It’s deal with existential issues, ranging from death to self-esteem, helping others navigate through life’s most difficult, and ubiquitous challenges.

91.  eirlysgwenllian
This is a fantastic idea!
I am Emilia, I write about lots of things but one of them are my mental health difficulties. I struggle with various kinds of anxiety since I was a child, I have dysthymic disorder and am still in the process of diagnosis for AVPD (avoidant personality disorder) which seems to be what I always thought has to be social anxiety.
Here’s my blog link:

92.  Scarpoe
Struggle Street at scarpoe.com
Decades long sufferer of Depression/PTSD. Finally found a solution.

93.  ketogurlliving
I’d love to be a part of your list, and thank you for commenting on my blog!
Here is my Article…My blog is full of my life’s journies, not just mental health.

94.  klodo 
Hi, great idea,
My blog is https://deathbyshyness.wordpress.com/ which is mostly about social anxiety, depression and men’s mental health issues.

95.  Livingwithbutterflies
I love how you’re exploring all the aspects of mental health through bringing us all together, to hopefully, ease the stigma. My blog posts are about Anxiety, Depression, and discovering why I’ve felt the way I have for a long time. I try and add a bit of humour into it because let’s face it, it’s a dark lonely place. I also draw and add each drawing to my blog post. The first post I made was about anxiety. The link to that is https://livingwithbutterflies.com/2018/03/13/an-introduction-to-anxiety-for-me/ sending love to you all

96.  Frances Elaina
Hello! Here are a few posts I have written about mental illness.
Two poems about anxiety/depression:
Two posts about anxiety/depression/suicide prevention:
one about alzheimer’s/dementia:
No one is unaffected by mental illness. Thank you for helping to raise awareness.

97. Kate
Hi my name is Kate. I blog at hotplatekate.wordpress.com. I blog about a variety of topics and including depression. The more awareness we can raise about depression we can raise about depression, the better.

98.  Hayley Green
I have schizoaffective disorder, with bipolar and anxiety. You can find a link to my post here:https://hayleygreen.blog/2018/02/27/my-second-piece-on-coffee-house-writers/

99.  LoveKarmaFood
I have bipolar I with OCD, anxiety and PTSD. My link to my blog: https://lovekarmafood.com/blog/
I’m a chronic illness/ chronic pain advocate.

100.  mariocarrt
I have schizoaffective disorder. I just recently started writing about what I go through. My site is https://oddgirl.me/

101.  pierrmorgan
I would like to share a wonderful book: “The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind and Body in the Healing of Trauma” by Bessel Van der Kolk, M.D. – Viking, 2014. (I have PTSD from child sexual abuse. Fortunately never medicated. Psychotherapy, yoga, a simple lifestyle and diet have kept me on course through life.) The book is well written, as if Dr. Kolk is the most trusted, knowledgable person you’ve ever met sitting with a cup of coffee at your kitchen table, telling stories of people just like you and their journey out of trauma.
CAUTION: Read in small doses. Actually, you could flip it open to any page and read something to relate to. I started eagerly underlining my copy and tagging pages like an encyclopedia, but I had to stop. It can be a trigger.
The wisest, most helpful tool I got from this book is stated near the beginning – something to say to yourself when you feel things slipping back to the trauma: “That was then, this is now.”

102.  ethicalalice
Hi, I’m Alice. I am mostly recovered from bulimia/ anorexia and I still struggle with borderline personality disorder and possibly a mood disorder. I write a blog about mental illness, self care and ethical living. I’m passionate about people being kinder to themselves, other humans, other animals and the planet. https://choosingkindnessweb.wordpress.com

103.  Hart
Great thing you’re doing here.
Here’s my blog https://transpolar.wordpress.com/
I’m an artist who lives with Bipolar disorder, PTSD, and generalized anxiety disorder. I also identify as a transman. I speak on any of these topics, but also speak on every day ins and outs of life in general, since I think it’s important to show that we’re all human.

104.  obsidianmanatee
Hi, great idea for mental health month, my blog is Obsidian Manatee, I have bipolar disorder and thought you might like this post on combating depression https://obsidianmanatee.wordpress.com/2018/05/10/depressed-pick-3/

105.  revdebmatt
My name is Deb and I blog at http://SuddenlyBipolar.wordpress.com
So begins the post you want to include where I summarize my journey and life with Bipolar Type 1 with psychotic features and Generalized Anxiety Disorder.
In my blog posts I share my thoughts and feelings, ups and downs of living with bipolar.
Come by and get the post. It’s the top one on my blog right now.

106.  borderlinecoffeecurves
I write about traveling with borderline personality disorder and how to cope with various internal battles that are faced when we are out of our comfort zone. Us with BPD feel like we should isolate ourselves, but let’s see the world instead!

107.  scarlettcat
scarlettsbpdcorner.wordpress.com this is my blog about mental health. great initiative btw! ❤

108.  ThirdCultureKid
Hi everyone! I’m really glad to be here. My blog is https://21stthirdculturekid.wordpress.com/
It actually started as a travel blog but later on, I decided to finally open up about my condition – Bipolar II disorder. It’s time for the world to be aware about mental health to #BreaktheStigma.. 🙂

109.  Pihla
Hi, what a great idea! My blog is at pihlawinsthebattle.com. It’s rather self-explanatory: my name is Pihla and my blog describes a battle that I recently won. I recovered from a severe and enduring mental health condition. I don’t subscribe to diagnoses all that much as I’ve been mis-diagnosed a plenty. If given the chance I would’ve renamed my illness as ‘super-doom level anxiety with compulsive thoughts and behaviours’, but my diagnoses were BPD, ED and depression. I am healthy now and would like to share hope and raise awareness, so I try to write my blog accordingly. I live in Finland and I am many things outwith my illness and recovery, of course.

110.  Mich Abiero
This is honestly such an amazing project, my name is Michelle Abiero I’m from Kenya. One thing about mental health is that it is misunderstood. I’m the Chief Operating Officer of a project known as Fmile. Our slogan is No more fake smiles, see our project is beyond just spreading awareness. We want to do something about this like working with a group of psychologists just something. If you guys don’t mind check this project out, it’s completely worthwhile we are still growing but one day we will be able to rally many supporters of mental health awareness. I occasionally write on suicide, self awareness, depression and living with chronic illnesses. Please do check out my blog http://michabiero.wordpress.com and for more about Fmile just check out our Instagram page @fmileofficial.

111.  dering.katherine
Hi, I’m Katherine Dering. This is a great, amazing list of all sorts of interesting efforts.
My brother suffered from schizophrenia for 32 years, till he died at age 48. He was almost always delusional, as none of the medications seemed to help very much, except Clozapine. But even that didn’t help much until he was in a controlled environment at a nursing home, where people made sure he took it regularly, did blood tests, etc. For a while there, I almost got my brother back. I wrote a book about trying to help him (called Shot in the Head, a Sister’s Memoir, a Brother’s Struggle) and it is a family memoir, not some thick scientific study that only insiders will read. It is meant to get average people to understand what we go through. Also, I am an advocate for better treatment and more research into cause of these terrible diseases. I was part of a contingent of advocates who lobbied Washington for the eventual passage of the Mental Health legislation that passed a year ago. I blog at dering katherine.wordpress.com (a blog I’ve called word from the trenches.) My blogs tend to be about either women’s rights or mental illness. I see the battle as multi-pronged. Get people who are lucky to not have mental illness to be aware that these are medical conditions. Leave your judgmental selves somewhere else and help us get medical care and counseling.

112.  My Ox is a Moron
Hi, my name is Fawn. I have been living with bipolar disorder type 2, post traumatic stress and a sever anxiety disorder for over 20 years. I tell my story at http://www.myoxisamoron.com.

113.  Antonella Barberini
hi raising awareness on PTSD and trauma survival too, guys, recover and different ways to move forward, please, put more details on your page, I know it’s easier to hide behind a blog page, but at a point in life you need to show your face and bare it. be bold. be brave. signature, also, is important, if you want to make any difference. so, welcome, in my tiny world of mental health supporters.
greetings from paris suburbs and good luck!
antonella barberini

114.  eveestes
Hi, I would love to help in any way possible, I am so so passionate about this cause!! My name is Eve, and I write about bipolar disorder, complex PTSD, anxiety disorder, depression and addiction. My address is eveestes.com.

115.  mirrorgirl
Brilliant! I am a psychologist blogging about therapy and psychology, trying to contribute to fighting stigma.

116.  Sincerely Lenet
I actually love the idea of sharing awareness to rare disorders of the mind and helping people with all sorts of mental illnesses. My blog is all about living with Dissociative Identity Disorder and can be found at lwdid.wordpress.com and my new podcast is available at https://anchor.fm/lifewithdid/episodes/Dissociative-Identity-Disorder-e1fdmb/Intro-to-Dissociative-Identity-Disorder-and-Me-a3fmh9

117.  graylandsvale
Always glad to be a part of something that will bring awareness to those with or without mental health issues; this is of great value to our global culture.
My blog is centered on psychology, philosophy and creative thought…, but I also share my struggles with OCT Anxiety disorder, PTSD, depression etc.

118.  Lina
Such a nice initiative. I fully agree with you thoughts on getting the word out to the world. My blog focuses more on other things but I do write about my bipolar and anxiety as well. Here are a few of my posts that might be read worthy (some of them are connected to anime/manga but they are still very much talking about my life as a bipolar. It is all connected):
Some of my most important posts. I will continue to write about mental illness on my blog. I will write about it on its on and in relation to manga and anime and possibly other pop culture. I can’t manage to have a blog solely for my mental health, it would only make me more ill. I admire you all who can. I would just let the illness eat me up if I did.

119.  Alien
i’m autistic and dealing with DID/OSDD1, CPTSD, myalgic encephalomyelitis, and ADHD.
My blog is http://forestsystem.wordpress.com

120.  bethanyk
Two seperate links to my blog. I write about my life after being abused throughout my childhood and teenage years. In the last 2 years I have had huge steps moving forward and huge steps moving back. I simply share my life on my blog. My coping skill is photography and trying to be in that moment that I take a picture. As of late, I have been despondent over my PTSD triggers and the lack of ability I have to cope. I have been feeling quite helpless and so my writing can be triggering but it is honest and raw and where I am in my life now.

121. Tormod Hvidsten Gjedrem
Hia : thanks for the initiative !
Let’s create something solid and fundamental out of this massive gathering!
I am creating awareness on psychology, existencialism and schizophrenia
Video blog : https://tormodprocess.wordpress.com/
My old blog: https://tormodhvgj.wordpress.com/

122. Cajun Crusader
I’m currently working on the strength to share my story with others. My blog site is Cajuncrusader.wordpress.com. Feel free to check it out.

123. Jessica  https://wp.me/p9JgBe-L.
PTSD and Post Traumatic Growth. I share of my recovery and Gods role in my life. You can read how I was able to help another traumatized woman while doing mission work in Honduras in a previous post.

124. WiL Write into the Light is a site that provides hope and support for those with mental illness.

125. Leah Hi! My blog isn’t specifically about mental health but I have written a post about my struggles with OCD: https://mybellyful.co.uk/2018/05/16/mental-health-and-me/
My husband has also written a post about how he uses running to manage his depression: https://mybellyful.co.uk/2016/12/10/guest-post-running-through-the-darkness-by-chris-cowcher/
I hope these posts help other people with similar issues!
Thanks for doing this, it’s a fab idea!

126. theadventuresofwinemum
Hi, I’m a teacher who has had to quit her job after battling Post Natal Depression. My most recent blog post documents the darkest side of it, although other posts are more light-hearted and look at the trials parenting in general, too.

127. Rachel B.
I am Rachel B. and I have started my blog to raise mental health awareness just like you are trying to do! On my blog I share information on mental health illness’ that people may not be aware of and I also have a page about my personal story dealing with trichotillomania and anxiety.

128.  Dr Dink
Thank you for doing this! Awareness and not feeling so alone is helpful. I have not been diagnosed with a Mental Illness, but I do suffer from a Spiritual PTSD (I was formerly a pastor, 22 years.) My emphasis on my blog is being and learning to live with a more positive attitude. I try and incorporate some of my years of life as a counselor, it may or may not be helpful. https://wordpress.com/view/downtoearthpositive.com

129. Mentally(Un)Qualified
Hi! I write a blog about my mental health journey. I suffer from Bipolar, Anxiety, Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder, and Suicidal Ideation. I am also a contributor for The Mighty (which is an amazing place to find resources about mental health, as well as many stories from other contributors).
You can find my blog here: mentallyunqualified.wordpress.com. Feel free to comment or email me! I love to chat with anyone.

130.  Giwizzi
Hi. Thanks for inviting me to participate. My blog is Soul in Paraphrase (https://paraphrasesoul.wordpress.com/) and is specifically on the theme of mental health and Christian faith. I have bipolar affective disorder (type II) from which I am in long-term remission.

131.  fairysoph
Hey, I’m Sophie and I write about mental health on this blog (fairysoph.wordpress.com) and on my instagram (fairy.soph). I’m currently recovering from depression, general anxiety disorder, and an eating disorder, and waiting for an assessment for probable borderline personality disorder. I try to keep things honest and real because it’s important that people understand the reality of living with mental illness!

My name is Allison. my blog is https://myloveaffairwithdepressionanddespair.wordpress.com
I just started blogging and still trying to figure out everything but I suffer from Major Depressive , Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Suicidal thoughts/attempts, and self harm. I want to make posts about my struggles with mental illness that people can relate to an even those who dont relate can understand mental illness better. I write to cope with my feelings and I hope sharing my experiences will help people with mental illness and decrease the stereotypes and stigma attached to the disorder.
This is my most recent post and it’s a postive post for people struggling with depression
And this post introduces me as a person
I am planning on doing a post on my experience in psych wards, a post on a typical day when I’m experiencing a depressive episode, a post on suicide awareness(I want to do that tomorrow when 13 reasons why comes out but I dont know if I can do the research and post it on time)

133. lonelypsychology
Thank you for inviting me.
My blog documents the results of my long-time research about personality disorders.
It’s focused on trying to understand the very foundation of personality disorders: the causes and subconscious supporting mechanisms.
I’m researching it to help myself – I hope it can also help others.

134. Casey Abbott Payne
I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 20 years ago. Been in and out of hospitals over 10 times from manic episodes. I have a blog/website where I’m collecting information about managing bipolar that I’m slowly putting together. https://beingbipolar.org/I’m currently tracking my mood/energy/exercise/sleep daily to monitor my “manic threat level”.
Thanks for reaching out!

135. jessicalouise22
I’m diagnosed and struggling with depression, anxiety, PTSD and insomnia.
Im hoping to carry on writing about mental health due to my family members having depression and my great uncle committed suicide before I was born.
Thanks for reaching out, amazing thing you are doing spreading more awareness 🙂

136. Pradnya
Hi, I just started writing my blog a few months back. I have dealt with depression and anxiety all my life.
This poem I wrote sometime back is just the beginning to write more about what I have been through and go through on a daily basis. https://pepperedwithstories.com/2018/05/05/mentoring-my-dreams/
While I am still a bit shy to write down my experiences, I hope to do so in the coming months. That was the whole point of starting this blog.

137. http://keithgarrettpoetry.wordpress.com
I have panic disorder, It started some years ago with slight anxiety. I struggle daily with many symptoms but not all days are bad. I find it difficult to go places I once did with no problem. Being in a car is horrible, I need to have the window down and can’t manage very long. I have more that can be said so keep trying. I walk each day, exercise, and swim all Summer. stay busy.
Keith Garrett

138.  Butterfly
I just started my blog a couple months ago. My goal was to use this platform while I journey through weightloss, turning back to a healthy lifestyle, share recipes once I start cooking and baking again, and sharing important information about mental health. I’ve been struggling with depression and anxiety since I was a little girl, and later in life had developed insomnia and a binge-eating disorder. For now it’s just posts about my journey up to now, and my struggles with mental health, but if you’d like to read on:

139.  When Not All Foods Fit
Hello there thanks for commenting on my blog. I don’t blog about my personal mental health struggles, but I recovered from an eating disorder and focus on eating disorder recovery as well as nourishing your body for general physical/mental health. Feel free to link my website whennotallfoodsfit.com if you feel this will be helpful to others!

140. s.e. taylor
Thank you for the opportunity to share my blog that discusses my struggle (and triumphs) with bipolar disorder http://sibple.com/

141. Hot-Mess-Mama-
I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and social anxiety. I am sure I also have PTSD following the murder of my stepmother and the loss of my 2 exhusbands (children’s father’s). I am blogging so I can get in touch with other’s who understand my struggles and am working on them too.

142.  ♥Love Infusion©️
I love this! I’m a survivor .. of a lot loll
My souvenirs are ptsd, severe anxiety & OCD.
Yippee loll
But I’ve learned, I’ve grown & I’ve evolved.
So yeah💃 I’m happy though, cuz I learned through it all that I can CHOOSE happiness – it’s a Choice!
I watched all these people wait for “that thing” that’s gonna bring them happiness. And I saw an awful lot of suffering. Instantly I know it was wrong .. we’ve been doing it wrong all these years! Happiness – it’s a Feeling. And feelings are Inside of Us & We get to choose how to feel! It was a big lightbulb moment lol
Was like fireworks, fireworks of Joy went off inside me, as I became aware of the endless well of it inside me 🎉🎉😊😶🎉😊😶🎉😊😶🎉😊😶🎉🎉
I blog to Empower, Inspire & Motivate @ loveinfusion.blog
I also blog to wake people up to some harsh realities of our corrupt system – in order to point out there is a veil – in hopes they’ll choose to look behind it.
The veil ceased to exist for me a long time ago 🎉
Rather than suggest a particular blog, I’d rather let potential visitors go where they’re drawn – I believe that if there’s something meant for someone in particular, it’ll catch their eye 😉

143.  karinao86
This is brilliant.
I’m 32 and have suffered with depression, anxiety,
PTSD and body dysmorphia. I blog about mental health and the stigma attached to it as well as my own experiences with suffering with mental health conditions.

I have anxiety, paranoia, depression, and stress endured manic episodes/ hullcinations. I don’t care should knows I am mentally ill. I have a service cat, so she kind of gives away that I have mental health issues.

145.  felicia3regina
Mental Health Awareness! I want to be a Warrior! felicia3regina.wordpress.com “Confessions of a Crazy Person!!! Lunatic Fringe Forever

146.  Alethea Kuiper-Belt
Hi there, I see you found my blog. Honestly, I have so tiny a readership that I can’t do much to help, but here I am talking about mental health issues: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/139474861/posts/71
I have ME/CFS, which is NOT a mental illness and there is a terrible history of people being treated wrongly and dismissed as hypochondriac, imagining it, malingering etc. So lots of ME/CFS patients are very suspicious of mental health professionals. Even when they could actually help with some aspects. That’s what my post is about.
Personally I have some pretty well controlled minor depression. I’ve been through much worse, but fortunately I’m in a good place mental health-wise.

147.  breakingthechains2018
Hi! Idk how many blogs cover PTSD but that’s what mine is. Domestic violence and abuse and ptsd/Stockholm syndrome!
Thank you for doing all of this!!!!

148.  ajoobacats
I write about my debilitating OCD and resulting/concurrent depression and anxiety on my blog, ajoobacatsblog.com To help me I read a lot of books so you’ll find a lot of book reviews on my blog if you choose to visit. As well as ocd I also have diabetes and suffer from a rare condition called pulmonary artery hypertension, which I also write about.

149. xavierphoenix
Sorry for the delay! Friends call me JD. I carried a mixture of ADD and Rejection Sensitivity with me for over thirty years without realizing I experienced the world differently. I was first diagnosed as depressed but had an enormous, terrible reaction to antidepressants. When everything is going well, I can be very intelligent and courageous but now that I’m unemployed and alone I’m struggling (like many others) to put the pieces together again and get back to being strong. I am trying to maintain hope so I can regain my career and sense-of-self. Luckily, I am also a musician… and a writer who wants to write more!

150. momlifewithchiari
I have Chiari 1 Malformation and Syringomyelia, also have anxiety, depression and agoraphobia. I’ve had postpartum depression in the past. Today I want to raise awareness on Chiari and Syringomyelia and mental health. I believe firmly that our mental state, our mental health is just as if not even more important than our physical health.

151. standtogethercom
Hey there! I’m so sorry for joining so late, but I think it’s never too late to join something like this. We will forever be fighting and helping one another out. My name is Brittany, and I suffer from BPD, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. My blog is
I’ve checked out a lot of the other supporting people and I can’t believe how many people there are. I have only met a few people who agree and help me even. It makes me so happy to see all of you! Keep fighting every day and remember you’re never alone!! ❤

152.  Crystal Byers
My son has lived with schizophrenia for almost eight years. God bless him. Because I needed advice to navigate the path forward, I share our journey to help, hope, and understanding @ crystalbyers.com. Thank you for this platform.

153.  K@countingpenniesandsheep
Look at the support! And you have only just begun!
You and I have just discovered each other in the blogging world!
I am an avid fighter against “22” a day.
My blog
Is unconditionally unconventional- creative writing, photography, positivity, part of SIWO – a bigger blog trying to bring the world together to pass on peace and positivity! A bit of this a bit of that, behind the scenes, there is a very special wounded warrior who holds my heart!
For him and myself I must keep moving forward everyday, beyond my own PTSD/depression fight, tiny steps but
Ever forward. We are #winning!
Keep up the great work! ❤☀❤

154.  M.A.Young
Hi there! I wandered over here to look at your blog after noting you liked Daily Prompt-inspired story post (it is essentially my first creative writing post ever) at https://www.annothervoice.com — so, thank you for that! My blog is sort of all over the place as I’m on a journey of self-discovery I guess. I struggle with generalized anxiety, social anxiety, depression, ptsd and some other related stuff. I’ve been having a really rough time of it lately and am trying to focus more on what I can do and less on what I can’t. Most of my prior posts focus on the anxiety issues. This is a great thing you’re doing here. Much love to you and everyone!

155.  Selina
I write poetry,celebrating life.

156.  Andri
Hi there, My name is Andri and I write about Bipolar disorder in my blog Mental Mosaic http://www.mentalmosaic.net . The idea of my blog is sharing my experience, resources and coping skills. I believe that even though we have broken pieces we can still make a beautiful mosaic in our lives.

157.  Jessieprince says:
I think it’s awesome the attention and awareness your bringing to the public about the concerns with mental health. Society needs more of this!!

158.  Keep the faith.x says:
https://bipolarmanicdepressionsupportgroupservices.wordpress.com keep up the good work you’re helping no end.x

159. bdtoo
This is so awesome. My daughter and I thank you for the opportunity to share our story and struggle with bipolar disorder. After a psychotic episode, my daughter was diagnosed with BP1. I have lived this with mental illness since I was a pre-teen, but I just didn’t have a clue.
Mental health warriors unite #couragetoslaystigma

160. morgueticiaatoms
Just a random blog where I spew my random, grueling experiences as a single mom battling bipolar depression and anxiety disorder. As chaotic as my mind, it is an acquired taste but…nothing ventured, nothing gained, if I don’t throw it in the mix.
Keep fighting, guys, we’re in this together.

161. Bipolar Cat
Would love to be a part of this!!! My blog highrisk1.wordpress.com describes my experiences being diagnosed with and living with bipolar 1 disorder. Xoxox, Cat

162. Karen

Hiya, happy for you to add my blog to your list.
I live with depression and PTSD and am a cancer survivor. My blog encompasses many themes including mental health and much of my poetry is influenced by my experiences. I try to focus on the positives that can come out of the darkness.
Have included a link to my story.
Thanks, Karen x

163. Looking for the Light
Great job collecting resources. lookingforthelight.blog (personal blog) & survivorsbloghere@wordpress.com (collaborative). If you feel I’m a good fit please add me to list and I will reference you on my sites. Thanks.

164. chaite4latte

i’m diagnosed with panic disorder with dissociative symptoms, PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, and narcolepsy. i write about my experiences, rant about medication (of which i have tried practically all of them at some point or another), and share important statistics and informative tidbits from books i’ve read about psychiatry and mental illness. would love if you gave my blog a visit, and i’ll drop by yours too x

165. mywarriorstory. https://mywarrior177149354.wordpress.com/

166. rydergrove
I recently joined in on a new craze to promote men’s mental health “show us your steak”

167. missy512

Thank you for creating a platform giving those who suffer a voice when they don’t know that they have one. It can be a lonely and dark time. This is the opportunity we may share hope, support and unconditional love. Grateful for your passion, vision and the opportunity to participate. God bless you all. All my love and prayers to everyone. Missy OneStoneAway.com

SUICIDE: Not a Sexy Subject
“Hurt Locker”
“Prayer Request”
“Glimmer Traversing”

168. AlexBrownKatz
My blog is BrownKatzMusings.wordpress.com. I fight with various mental and physical health problems every day. Thanks for creating this!

169. AutumnWillow

Long term depression, ptsd. Also a sufferer of chronic illness. Fibromyalgia and hyper mobility syndrome. I also suffer from chronic fatigue. I find writing very cathartic. My mood tends to vary and there are times when I wish to disappear into none existence. I also struggle in some social settings and have anxiety. I’m simply trying my best to survive

170. Robert Matthew Goldstein
Hi. My name is Rob Goldstein. I have C-PTSD and a dissociative disorder. My blog is Art by Rob Goldstein: https://robertmgoldstein.com/

171. [Bees in Amber] Adam Hughes
My blog is http://www.beesinamber.home.blog I’ve suffered with depression and OCD for many years. I’d love to make more like-minded friends. If I can be of any assistance to anyone, do let Me know. Regards, Adam

172. Star Gould
I feel as if it’s a little too late I’ve found this,
but I do post certain mental-health related topics majorly for self-indulgence reasons, while I go back & force Korean and English.

173. The Moody Mom
The Moody Mom https://themoodymom.com

174. Praise Victor

I mostly post about my struggles with mental health and other stuffs. There’s the link below!

175. mirrorgirl

My life as a psychologist. Covering different themes, with many posts about trauma and dissociation since I’ve worked mostly with this groups.


176. poetrytalksblog

hii, I know i’m late, but better late than never! Here’s a poem I wrote for people who usually find themselves caught in a spiral. I have been trying to write more poems on mental health and various mental disorders and hopefully will get the time to write some soon!

177. Lexi Byers

I’m a teenager with bipolar depression, anxiety, and past suicide attempts. I recently created this blog as a distraction, but now I’m using it to help people become more aware of their mental health. I love what you’re doing here!


Thank ALOT everyone I request you reblog this post so that we can reach more fighters.

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      1. I think the best post on my page is acceptance. It encompasses everything I feel about having a mental illness and my experience as well. Thank you!


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