Xanax makes my world go round #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

I gather little white shreds
Of half a sheet
Of tissue paper
And start rolling them
With my fingertips
Few more words
Are sucked in my earshot
And I reach for the other half
With trembling hands
I start tearing
Then thread
Then roll
And coil
And stack them
On little hill
Of shredded tissue
Still restless
I look around
At the faces
Sitting on the table
All too fancy
All too Notable
I start bitting
My nails again
Feeling like a fish
In scorching hot desert
The odd one out
Hope they don’t see
Me going so fidgety
I think it’s time
To calm the storm
That will send
The dishes flying
I reach for my bag
And excuse myself
Ever so respectfully
Smiling inside
As I walk to a dark corner
As nobody knows
It’s Xanax
That make
My world go round..

P.s. On a serious note any medicine must not be taken without a doctor’s pressribtion no matter not mild it seem and how easily its accessible.

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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33 thoughts on “Xanax makes my world go round #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

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  1. Please be careful with Xanax. Even if it is prescribed by a pdoc it is a very dangerous and addictive medication. Your body becomes physically dependent on this medication and you do not know it until it is too late and the destruction has occurred. You think it is helping you, but it is only a very temporary bandaid that kills you to take off (meaning stopping it – withdrawal). It changes your brain and you think that your symptoms are anxiety or other things but it can be from the benzos. You think you have anxiety so you keep taking the culprit that is causing your symptoms. I am serious. I never knew this until it happened to me. I am not on any medications right now and for the first time in my life I have no anxiety. I mean maybe slight because it is such a learned behavior but nothing severe. I never listened to anyone that told me this before it happened to me. I loved my Klonopin but know it almost killed me. Just be careful. One day I know for certain Benzos will not be given anymore. It will happen one day. The problems associated with benzos are now just starting to surface. Please just be careful. I haven’t written about this for a while. People get upset, but I need to speak the truth. I am sorry but I had to share.

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    1. You are absolutely right.
      You did the right thing by sharing information about a drug casually abused.
      My purpose wasnt promoting it…but to show how easily conveniently its consumed..i have a leaf on my bedside..most of my family has it.
      Its literally treated as candy.

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      1. Thank you. I know your purpose was never to promote it. I think your poem was excellent and I understand where it came from and why you wrote it. I was only writing to you with concern. I get concerned when I here hear of anyone still using benzos. They are just bad news and extremely hard to get off of them. Some people get upset with me because they say “people like me are the ones that wreck for everyone else, when it is working for them” One blogger said (wrote) that. I have received or read other angry words. Even so, I have to continue with my fight. It would be wrong not to. I never want others to go through what I did. If I can help even one person, then it is all worth it. The new pdocs are coming in with new knowledge and expertise. I feel new pdocs will not prescribe it anymore and soon others will take their patients off of it. It will be a slow and difficult process but I feel it is essential. Most overdoes include benzos. What caused them to overdose? The benzos? Possibly. Thanks for reading my ramblings on. I think your poem was a good one and I understood the meaning behind. You are a very talented writer. Keep up the good work and keep fighting the stigma. Hugs, Sue

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      2. thanks for sharing this information Sue.
        the thing is in developing world its very cheap readily available med .. imagine during exams when students cant sleep they just take a leaf from drawer and pop a Xanax. its that normal!

        my whole nation is running on Xanax I saw my dad taking it all his life and now he is…in a bad state..I need time to gain my own footing before writing about it.

        thanks for every word of info you share. you are too precious for us. ❤️

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      3. I am very sorry, but I forgot what country you are from. Can you please remind me? I am sorry this is going on in your country and I am sorry your Dad is not doing well. At least you are aware of the dangers of this medicstionand I know you are doing your best to educate about it. I am sure it must be difficult as so m any ears are closed to this idea. How could anything be wrong with a med. that they think makes them feeeeeel so gooood. It does at first. I know I loved it. I absolutely loved it and thought it was my lifesaver… until I was so far gone with it and it was impossible to even miss a dose. I wish you the best dear. You are a strong courageous compassionate kind woman. Keep doing what you do and I hope you are well. Much love and hugs, Sue


      4. I am Pakistani currently residing in UAE.
        I have seen anti-anxiety and sedatives excessively used which eventually leads to addiction.

        I have long list to issues to cater to.

        Right now all of my energy is directed towards gathering links for mental health awareness ..have to start somewhere..

        Thanks for support and encouragement.
        Hugs 😊

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