I just saw somebody’s “about” page and it hit me how come I haven’t written anything in my about page yet??

But guess what, funny story, few days back I didn’t even have a contact form!

So here it is.

First of all, I am not an actual stoner!

Yes, I have never even seen drugs in my life or maybe I saw and I didn’t know what it was. So no I haven’t done drugs, EVER!

The logic behind this blog’s name is described in the following posts: StonerRoller Coaster

And I am a woman/female/girl ! don’t get confused with “stoner” part.

I started journaling last year in august, when I wasn’t in a good place and not quite right in the head. I had to let it out before a nasty brain explosion would take place.

Then my best friend suggested I start a blog. Before this I hadn’t even read one, so I kick started it on 27th Dec 2016 and the rest is history.

So far, this place has given me more than I could ever ask for. It’s been serving as a huge dumpster where I come and dump all the chaotic mess that annoys my brain cells and my own opinions solely based on my own personal observation and experiences.

And in return I get love and support from these gems I have befriended here.

I started writing my novel that I am awfully passionate about.

About myself, well I am a quintessential weirdo. I don’t fit anywhere. I have a hyperactive brain. I don’t need hallucinogenic I was born with a compartment full of them in my head that keeps on overflowing every now and then. Therefore, scary levels of impulsivity, anxiety and hopeless insomnia…

I needed a magnet that could pull all the thoughts, abstractions, fears, insecurities, rants, almost everything that keeps on flying in this dome I have at the top of my body, in one direction. My blog serves as that magnet.

And my immune system is as batshit crazy as its host. I have autoimmune. I am Jack’s trembling skeleton (fight club).

Overall I am a friendly person until somebody stomps on my nerve and then my kindness gets petrified of my reaction and jumps out of the window to escape.

I am a foodie that is one thing I know about myself a 100%.

A very typical scorpion (the zodiac, not an actual one please).

Wannabe guitarist, artist and writer..wannabe everything. I am under construction.

Hoarder of words, quotes, books, ideas.

And a firm believer in “live and let live”

In the end I would like to share a quote that sums up my reasons to stay anonymous (if I still fall into that category).


Thank You 🙂


91 thoughts on “About

      1. No, silly. Because your name is Stoner On A Rollercoaster. Well, that’s likely not your actual name, but you know what I mean. It’s not an insult, by the way. I know lots of stoners, and was one myself, and they’re all fine people. A few memory issues, but I love them just the same. 😃😃

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      2. Well, my parents were old hippies, so pot was always around when I was growing up. I don’t have any issue with it at all. I rather somebody smoke pot than drink excessively. To me, it should be legal. But that’s for another rant. 😃

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      3. Hahaha! Well, yes, I do love pot. Can’t deny that. But science is justifying its benefits, not me. As a therapist, I see a dozen patients a week who would benefit from it. From appetite stimulation to decreasing anxiety to pain relief, etc, etc. Get these people off addictive narcotics that do not give them relief. I could go on and on. It’s so ridiculous that it is classified in the same breath as heroin and cocaine. Not to mention the increased tax revenue if it were legal. Yes. I do love pot. But not just for the reason you think I do.

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      4. Huh? I’m not a professional photographer, though I love it very much. I’m an OT. No, I don’t psychoanalyze people, though I did have to take several psych courses as part of the degree program. Some OT’s do work in psych settings, but that’s not my gig.

        As for thinking you’re a stoner? Honestly, I didn’t give a thought to that at all, and it doesn’t really matter to me if you are or aren’t. Yes, I enjoy marijuana. Yes, I’m a staunch voice of its health-related benefits, the benefits of decriminalization, and the benefits of a new and profitable tax base. But I don’t care who does or doesn’t smoke pot. Some of the best humans I’ve known or do know are “stoners”….but some of the best people I know are NOT “stoners” as well. It’s really irrelevant to whom a person is to me.

        As for you? I’m not here to judge you on anything. I enjoy seeing your work, reading your words, and having the gift of insight into your version of the human condition. I like you and I enjoy conversing with you. That’s why I’m here. 😊


  1. First of all, I clicked on “About” and my phone died. I thought…THAT’S a message! Hahaha. Anyway, I liked how you described you and can still remain private. I am a pretty private person too. Have a nice evening , my day begins….

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  2. Good page, am coming down with something at the moment. Parents have given me the dreaded “lurgi” so can’t give you a decent opinion, if I have one. Total brain fart mode. It’s great you’re staying private and just letting out as much as you want about yourself 🙂

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  3. I love the quote above, especially the bit about ‘…safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.’ ‘About’ section is great- poignant, humorous, human and so much more. Thank you Stoner.

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  4. Thanks you have provided me with a ‘thought for the day!’

    Yes-the quote really makes you stop and think-most people spend their life trying to be understood but this puts a whole other spin on it. People could spend their time feeling that they are ‘understood’ when perhaps assumptions, extrapolations and generalisations are being made so that the person is just being pigeon-holed, or misunderstood or misquoted etc.

    Better to acknowledge that we can never fully understand each other (because even if we did fully understand someone at one point in time, their standpoint may well evolve and change over time). What we can do is respect each interaction and try to understand the other person, in that moment.

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    1. Everything is evolving. Everything has a begining and it fades to and end.
      I never wanted to be understood generally. I always wore a mask even In my real life. That was dropped once i formed some kind of bond to a person. I always had this fear of being known and understood because once you are an open book you feel vulnerable..weak..

      I completely agree with thw 2nd part. Theres no point in trying to understand each other. Let people be what they are and they will always try to be their best for you.

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  5. Enslaved by understanding?! I had no idea.
    From one wannabe everything to another: I’m trying not to understand, but actually I kind of do. If your anonymity does not protect you from enslavement, I hereby free you.
    I’ve changed my about page dozens of times. It doesn’t get read very often, so I feel free to fiddle with each passing passion.
    Cheers —

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    1. This world is a cruel place. Better we accept it so that we know what we are dealing with.
      This is jist of whatever i have learned so far. Never unveil everything about you and be selective with what you are sharing.
      So far anonymity is working like a charm. 🙂

      Yes people dont read it often thats why most of them assume i am a guy and an actual stoner 😆

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    1. I started in december last year but it was on sleep mode.
      August last year i started writing journal.
      This year april i started blogging regularly.
      This baby is turning one on 27th dec. 🙂

      Yea we have come really far in this 1 year.
      Thanks alot for appriciating 🙂


  6. First, this is an AWESOME About!!! I love Kihlil Gibran and frequently quote him. Hyperactive brain? Oh no, I think that’s what I have. As far as hallucinogens when I was young and dumb I did try some weed and my friends wanted to strangle me because I thought I was dying and told them I needed to go to the ER. So drugs (not including alcohol) wasn’t my thing because I had great respect for what they could do to the mind. I look forward to visiting more often I like your sense of humor. Have a good one! ~Steph

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    1. ahah thanks.
      I am huge Khalil Gibran fan. my blog is full of Rumi, Khalil Gibran.. in fact few days back I did a whole post on Khalil Gibran from another blog as a guest author. couldn’t reblog it on my blog due to some technical issue.

      ahaha I have never tried alcohol or drugs. I think I get high on boredom. being bored is dangerous for me.
      thank you so much. again I am humbled 🙂

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      1. Alcohol for me allowed me to come out of my shell and had me thinking I was the life of the party. Till this day I’m still not sure I was but friends told me I was so funny and unhibitied but I reached the point where it became a problem so now I’m addicted to my computer which is a safer hobby.


      2. Oh I’m a mess in the head. Have chronic depression/anxiety and a therapist told me years ago that I’m not full blown OCD and he used OCD trait terminology. As I type this I just realized I never Googled it. Oh well I have these guidelines or rules that I follow for just about everything I do. But honestly I think it’s a family thing because most of my family members operate on the same level. Maybe we’re all nuts. 😉

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      3. I struggled with anxiety all my life and it was confirm after I turned 28.
        I am a germaphobe. the OCD trait I have is washing hands all the time. its crazy. my hands have become dry and scaly but I have to keep washing.
        I think anxiety runs in my family too. I see all the symptoms in my dad. we all have our own leaf of Xanax. not all of us take it. but we keep it.

        we both have things in common..I am glad to have found you here 🙂

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      4. I used to be a hand washer when I was younger. I still do but not as much, thanks to antibacterial and lotion. I MUST have lotion. I am a germophobe and oddly enough was the only person in my household and work to get H1N1 a few years back. And everyone said it’s because I avoid germs. Just recently I had this nasty eye infection and again everyone was like “see, it’s because your immune system has been weakened.” I really don’t care what they think I still have an aversion to germs.

        I’m glad to have found you as well. This is one of the main benefits of blogging.

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      5. thats the crap people gave me. I have disinfectants in every corner of my home. when I got autoimmune people said its because you were germaphobe and probably OCD.
        well. I don’t know.
        I have kept lotion on the sink still forget to apply it. I hope I get over this obsession its crazy and annoying to people around me.
        whats H1N1?

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      6. H1N1 is swine flu. I was so sick I didn’t want to go to the doctor’s but they told me I had to come in because my fever was 103. The nurse who tested me was all excited because it was the first case of swine flu they’ve had in their office. Since it was August, even before the CDC confirmed the diagnosis my doctor knew it was swine because it wasn’t yet flu season.

        Everyone around me tells me I have “issues” because I need stuff to be just so but I’ve been this way all my life and it’s highly unlikely I’ll change at this stage of my life. Plus there’s the added bonus of driving them nuts, so there’s that.

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  7. >>I have a hyperactive brain. I don’t need hallucinogenic I was born with a compartment full of them in my head that keeps on overflowing every now and then.<< Me too, haha 😀 I know this problem very well. It will sometimes make you mad…But i rather tend to overly reflect about myself and my environment, than being dull and without passion. Most creative people tend to have such "hyperactive brains" as you said. You are not alone 🙂

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      1. No, your drawing is fine! I think I wasn’t clear: it’s going left to right at the top of the loop, but when it hits the bottom of that loop it must continue on to the left, up that big incline… as I say, it does my head in 🙂

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  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Stoner! I enjoyed your ABOUT and writing style and thought that we have a lot in common. Though my identity may be known I consider myself a loner, secretive, anonymous or unknown, unconventional, iconoclastic, along this line. I use my blog to express some of the real me that wants to speak up a lot of what wants to be released and right now it’s in my art so I call it my ‘Journal About Art and Life’. I enjoyed the comments on OCD’s. Did you know that they are very common and in fact over a million people have them serious enough to need counseling and treatment. I am doing a study of my own to find the unusual/abnormal behaviors of people starting with my own family! How do we live with people like that is where I’m at!!!

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    1. You’re welcome 🙂

      I am glad you enjoyed reading and felt similarities i keep on saying we all are birds of same feather who have gathered here.
      Art and writing can help people explore thier own selves its like a digging out what you are capable of. You have aptly named your blog i like it.

      I read about it and looked at my dry hands. Its insane. I do know its really really common but its now only when people have started accepting and realising OCD same goes for most of the mental health issue. Counseling has to be there in severe cases as recently cubism art started making unconfortable. I actually likes it in the begining but i found it hard to look at.
      Anxiety cripples you.
      I understand. I hope you succeed in your study and be able to help people like us 🙂
      Thanks alot for taking time to read and comment. Means alot 🙂


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