Impressions on the Sands of Life

Some people leave everlasting footprints on the sands of your life They don’t get washed away even by the strongest wave Waters blanket them momentarily But as the winds settle, they re-emerge… As you wander down your memories You can see their Impressions on sand You can see them smiling back at you You can…… Continue reading Impressions on the Sands of Life

The Big Lebowski

My expressions throughout this movie.. Ahahaha..poor guy tch tch tch WTF??…ahaha NOOOO! … Ahaha I am so gonna use this line 😀 WHAT?? Ahahaha….ahahah What even..??..Ahahaa No kidding! Ahaha NO WALTER!!!! And this line too..:D Poor Dude! Ahaha AHAHAHAHAH C’mon Walter! Seriously??? Good narration! What did I just watch??? Did the movie go Adrift or my…… Continue reading The Big Lebowski