I am with ammi (mom).

Finally i am with mom. Thank you so much for being there for me last week. I don’t know how i would have survived without you guys’ love support prayers blessing presence. Everything. And i am absolutely fine now  Still remember my family in prayers please Thank you so much my angels 🙂 Advertisements


After centuries of research and decades of contemplation I finally accomplished this Risky task of writing something in my About page. Please go have a look. Thank you 🙂

Inevitable Stages of Sharing

1st stage: Your pain is breaking news for everybody and you get all sorts of attention, sympathy, empathy, love and support, 2nd stage: You reveal more about yourself and people worry a little more for you as they know life hasn’t been very kind to you lately. Now they are more concerned and want to…… Continue reading Inevitable Stages of Sharing