My 1st Charcoal Sketch of 2023

Guys, I'm EXHAUSTED! .. details later. for now, enjoy the process of making a ton of mistakes while creating... … Copyright © 2023 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I invite Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to... Continue Reading →

The Sky Up in Flames

Yesterday I was on my way home in my van, watching a movie on my phone. Lost in my own private oblivion. In the middle somewhere I lifted my head and I was awestruck but what I saw I tried to capture a few pictures but I couldn't take a single one that would justify... Continue Reading →

Middle of Nothingness

One of those vacuous days When your mind comes to a sharp halt There’s no left or right You are existing in the middle of everything Or middle of nothingness And it’s not the eye of the storm When all the elements and emotions Are flying frantically around you It’s like Being suspended in a... Continue Reading →

Work Ramble

Is this the light after the darkest hour moment? This is the time of year-end audit and mostly covers financial institutions. Big complex clients. Banks, insurance companies etc. First I was on the cockroach manager’s team because he has plans for me (torturous ones). But then I was moved to a good manager’s team (because... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Night

Haven’t slept all night because I was just so overwhelmed and anxious Should have taken melatonin at 12:30, when I had a feeling that’s exactly the kind of night it’s gonna be. And I ran out of coffee… days or maybe weeks back. I’m already a half-eaten zombie already. Wish someone was eating my fat,... Continue Reading →

The strong one

What is one “good” thing people say about you, when it always always ALWAYS ends up hurting you? For me it is “She is strong She can deal with it She wouldn’t need it (it could be any kind of support)” And every time you even dare to get vulnerable “you are overthinking, You are... Continue Reading →

Resolutions: 1 week into 2023

First of all sorry for the non-linear style of this post is confusing, but it's 2023 and confusing is new normal so let's dive into 2023 so far. First working day after new years, lunch area, office. Manager: How did new years go? Me: I heard some fireworks.. so I know something like that happened,... Continue Reading →

Last Day of 2022

We went shopping, I, Dad and my brother. And dad broke all the records, not only his records, he broke mom’s too (which is a remarkable feat) He got a ton of clothes, and clothes matching with clothes, and contrasting with those. First time in my life I realized men can adorn more pieces (big... Continue Reading →

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