Overwhelmed, exhausted and scared

That’s a lot of emotions, right? So far I just had work. A lot of work. And I was ok with it because I had A2 between me and the managers. So I had less accountability. But he is leaving in a week. Yesterday a manager, who has issues with everyone called me at firm.... Continue Reading →


One day A million pending errands Mystic expectations from Dad Unrealistic deadlines from bosses Of assignments, fantastic What do I do With a day half perished Do I do something artistic Or follow the laundry list And make it choristic I had to go shopping Which I hate Stylistic friends are busy And I’m lazy... Continue Reading →

Thank You! 🖤

It takes a second to fall into a ditch.  And can a decade to climb out of it.  And you don't even know how long it will take to clean the dirt and when are your scars going to heal.  I fell. Climbed out. Washed the dirt. And I think most of my scars are... Continue Reading →

Mental Breakdown – MHA Re-blog

I got goosebumps reading it, since we casually throw the term mental-breakdown way too often.

Labeled Disabled

meltdown photo: Meltdown 067A MeltdownArt067PB-b.jpg

The term “mental breakdown” (or nervous breakdown) isn’t an official medical term; but it is often used to describe an acute emotional or psychological collapse. When an  individual has reached a point where they are severely and persistently distraught and are unable to function at a normal level. In extreme cases one can suffer from hallucinations or “catatonic posturing” where the individual is unable to move.

Generally speaking , a nervous breakdown can follow a long period of stress that hasn’t been dealt with appropriately.

What “mental breakdown” meant for me was a complete halt to everything I ever thought I had under control. I had been diagnosed years before with depression and anxiety disorders; but had learned to live with them under the care of my doctor.

I can’t recall a singular incident that I can mark as the moment of my breakdown. Three days after my mother passed…

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The Power of Support

Today marks 10 days of surviving without making a panic call to my friends in a talk-to-me-or-I'll-die situation. Sam, Unicorn, C, Jerry and an Aunt of mine were people who I trusted with my emotional and mental health. People who I knew would be able to help me when I’m failing.  I know they all... Continue Reading →

Boredom strikes…

So. I figured, there’s more a bobby pin can do than holding your hair in place. If you bend it right, it can give you the outline of a nice eye, for drawing. And it can actually stand on its own on your laptop where you have a little magnetic field close to your touchpad.... Continue Reading →


I wander again Blue sky, sunflowers Gray clouds and rain I pull my crazy mind out of the muck Wash it under a stream But in vain... It's too late for resurrection Darkness swallowed me alive This is my story, an eternal bane I still wander Holding my dripping mind In my cold hands I... Continue Reading →

Murphy’s Law in Action!

My whole frking life is the most intense degree of Murphys law in action. The van service i use everyday is abruptly discontinuing operations without any prior notice. And there's no other alternative, they are running away with the amount we subscribed thier packages for. I have lost my glasses and you know it takes... Continue Reading →

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