Inspiration gone wrong

Remember what we talked about in my last post? This new guy and his energy and all… read that post if you can't remember. So I was feeling a bit too inspired by his energy and felt like making some art. Watched a Zin Lim tutorial on youtube, but didn’t really follow it, as always.... Continue Reading →


Umm idk how to explain this. So our firm had an ex-employee who I never met. He was holding a very senior position and left way before I joined. How do I know about him? He is the only ex-employee who has his paintings in our office. It’s not the best work that I have... Continue Reading →

Dangerously Low Battery

I wish I could stop time for a few days at least. It’s good to be focused on work especially when your bosses appreciate you and acknowledge your effort, but all at the cost of your every second of time. I tried to take off on Friday, which wasn't approved and I was told to... Continue Reading →

Life’s good

You know that moment when you take the first sip of coffee and you just put the cup down and close your eyes and feel it seeping into your system. And you are like… “yes, this is the one” I must have talked about this so many times but I chose the right coffee for... Continue Reading →

A random day, random post

I had an awesome story to tell you, which I have forgotten now. And all I remember is this 2nd not-so-awesome story.  Because good things are so easy to forget, and the bad shit that happens to us turns into leeches stuck on our memory, sucking these accidental bad ones. So. I'm one of the... Continue Reading →

Staring at a Blank Wall

I need validation for something, which I might not get in the end and maybe I’m the only lazy weird procrastinator. Do you guys have those days when you have some important tasks to do, which are super important but not very lengthy and probably will take an hour max? And you have deadlines… But... Continue Reading →

Life’s Amazing 😊

First of all, Happy Ramadan. It’s an important month for us Muslims, the month of fasting and countless blessings and all. And I already feel a tad better. Also because I have somehow handled the reigns of my work. Just one more week to go before the audit period ends. Maybe 2. Then I can... Continue Reading →

Just Rambling Away

Do you have one of those days when you are dying of panic thinking about all the things you have to do, with strict deadlines? It makes your shoulders tense and then you just can’t work. But when you sit down and have a look at the list, it’s not that bad. Everything is pretty... Continue Reading →


Hey! So. it's sorted. I accepted the offer from this new place and resigned from my existing one. Can't get into details right now because I have to go back to work. but... it's not been easy. the whole thing has taken a toll on my mental health because every time somebody gives a notice... Continue Reading →

Hey people, It’s me again

It’s me again. Better than the last time. A little. Tasks at my current job are more sorted, which took me 50 tiny heart attacks every day but things are under-control. Resulting in 1% improvement in my mental health. Audit period sucks.  I get near-death experiences every 6 months and at this point I’m really... Continue Reading →

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