Sanity Stuck in Shredder – #writephoto

She walked carefully measuring her every step into the long narrow passage Her eyes darting across the lines bordering the tiles she was walking on. They are not equal! she told herself. OCD started kicking in… Freeze that thought, this is not why you are here. Why is this passage so narrow… Thank God i…… Continue reading Sanity Stuck in Shredder – #writephoto

Nature’s Sorcery

If i tell you my favorite place to sit is any piece of furniture facing my window, you wont be surprised. Window obsession isn’t new. In my childhood home i insisted to sleep in drawing room, lying on a mattress that i lovingly placed in the exact centre of the room every night. And then…… Continue reading Nature’s Sorcery

Life Draining Through Cracks

She looked down at the bustling city through the giant window. Tiny lights rushing to get somewhere under the exuberant colors of evening sky, curtesy of the beautiful sunset that drenched it in vivid and vivacious tones. Her clueless eyes aimlessly followed the flow of lights on the road while a Snippet of her brain…… Continue reading Life Draining Through Cracks