Taking My MHA Efforts Up a Notch

Guys! We have accidentally and astonishingly ended up in a place we never imagined we would be. I don't know how and why I am becoming a go-to person for too many people in my office.  Every now and then somebody would just appear with something they want to vent out. A girl came to... Continue Reading →

I Played My Part

Boredom is dangerous. When I get bored I end up doing something I wasn’t sure about doing. A few months back, we had training, covering all aspects of how our firm operates. And during that, a woman who takes care of the ethics area said something that stuck with me. Everyone had numerous questions about... Continue Reading →

It’s My Birthday…Again

Actually, I had my birthday yesterday, on 29th Oct.  And this one definitely is going to give me diabetes! I couldn’t get a chance to write yesterday because people in my life cannot stop celebrating it! So my birthday spans from 29th to 31st this year. So far there has been 3 little celebration and... Continue Reading →


(this post is just random details and can be totally avoided to save time, untill i come up with something better) Hello, people of wordpress! First of all I'm so extremely grateful for your presence in my life. Thanks for reading, supporting and commenting on my posts when clearly I’m not able to do the... Continue Reading →

Master Plan to Deal with Work Situation

First of all! Life’s full of shit people trying to smear shit in your life…BUT!!! But if you have genuinely supportive amazing friends and family in your life, they don’t win! They become just another bad person in your life history who will just keep growing insignificant time. My Dad’s golden words about this asshole... Continue Reading →

Bumpy Ride

So Folks, Fasten your seatbelts, we are off to a bumpy ride. Wish you could hear the sigh I let out. Oh btw I did post my verbal rant in the last post and realized nobody would want me to speak, people can deal with my writing but not speaking so the podcast is a... Continue Reading →

Something New…

So last night I wanted to talk but not write so I just started recording myself. And I recorded myself for 15 minutes straight talking about a lot of stuff. And then… I couldn’t upload it here. Because WordPress wouldn't let you upload that file format in the free plan. So now I’m going to... Continue Reading →

The gas story…

Hey Guess what! At 10 pm we lose gas supply, gas in stoves to cook… just being clear. How do I know this?  Because we had this lady who used to cook and she recently left. So 2 days back I came home thawed chicken, quickly chopped onion while my eyes were about to bleed... Continue Reading →

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