Just talking

I deleted content of my yesterday’s post for privacy reasons.

I didnt delete the post as i wanted to keep your comments.

Guys …i dont know.

It’s just too much. I am really questioning how am i even alive after all of this. But maybe this is how it is..

I really appriciate all the support i keep getting from you people i know its just getting insane now. And you still dont give up on me.

I dont really know what i am trying to say here. Thank you is too weak an expression for what you guys do for me every day.

And i am sorry if i sounded rude or something i was dealing with a big shock.

I dont know you all but you still give your shoulder to cry on and hold me in place. I have lost energy to talk about whats happening in my life and my family.

I feel i have lost everything but i am holding onto faith and God. I just know he will help me. He can’t do this to anyone..

Maybe its a form of help. He knew i will be left alone.


Thanks for being here..i sound so shallow saying this. You guys have no idea what this place does for me.

I really do need all of you.

I am holding my breath writing this and my hands are shaking.

Please never leave me alone.

I had no strenght to tell sam i just told her and she broke down.

I have lost my whole world and i will have to construct it from scratch.

I have lost the support i had.

And i need to get up soon.

I will be needing you.

I had a plan A. That was me doing everything alone.

Then dad came and A became B. And i was thinking he will do everything i dont have to worry.

Now plan B is again A.

It’s like trying to get up from a major fall. I am so weak in every way.

My friends are with me. They are trying to pick me up. There are like 4 5 people i can count on for emotional support and they are helping.

But honestly its easier to cry in front of people you dont know in real life or who dont know you.

My anonymity is my biggest strenght here.

I am in my complete senses. I can think. I can plan.

I just am too hurt.

A bridge i was going to cross to get to better end got burnt.

I dont know how i am going to end this post.

I just felt like venting.


I know how to end this.

I want to say something its serious.

Look around. We can always tell when somebody is going through something. Some people ask for help some don’t.

But there are people in our families in our circle who are stuck with something serious.

Please help them.

For the love of God. For the love of humanity.

If you can do something for somebody please do it.

You will get greater return. I can assure you that.

But if you let it happen..somewhere you become a part of it too.

Life has horrible ways to teach you a lesson. It can be very brutal at times.

Karma is real.

You do something bad..it will come back to you.

If you let something happen to someone at least guilt is going to haunt you some day. And when guilt haunts you can’t even help yourself.

To do unfair…to tolerate unfair..or to let unfair happen to somebody.. they all are wrong at different degrees.

And wrong is wrong.

Be kind. Be considerate. Be human. Believe whatever you do comes back.

Try to save people around you..i am begging.


P.s. Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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63 thoughts on “Just talking

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  1. You just reminded me to reach out to one of my students who was crying in the hall the other day. And to another who came into class particularly grumpy. I hope things get better for you.

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  2. You are never alone in this world & I agree the family we have here online is a great support system… You talk to us when you need to talk, cry when you need to cry & hopefully you’ll be smiling again one day very soon… X

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  3. You are fortunate to have a few people to count on. In times of crisis it’s good to have a person that listens and understands your life is falling apart.
    I try to help people too, but the minute I need something it’s like talking to a dumb wall. I gave up a long time ago on asking for empathy. In my case, I get shrugs, head down, I don’t know. As if, my group is happy about it. So, I’m a FU kinda person now. Not to you, in general.

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  4. Not only does my circle suck as far as empathy is concerned. My Stalker makes things far worse. Can’t win for losing. Or maybe they’re trying to show me something; I don’t know. If no one tells me, I’m not a mind reader, I have no idea.

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      1. I agree….life is difficult, but it is also interesting and intriguing. …I think it’s important to keep learning and finding out about new things, that’s what keeps me going..I feel like I am imposing my opinions though! Wishing you all the best. I had better go…real life has to be dealt with x


  5. I had some bad feelings too yesterday.
    Expect me !! Everyone in my high school applied for opportunity fund program got selected. Now, I will not get scholarships provided by them and was uspet the whole day and did not eat last night. It is not that I am not feeling bad right now but I am trying to get used to that and many more……
    Feelings are complex to share……
    Anyway you too take care about yourself and just keep moving forwards because that’s life.

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  6. As a new member in your blogging world , all I can say just hanging i there.. u are lucky that have few who supports you and U have whole family here where u can express your feelings freely.. it just a tough phase that will pass through 😊

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