Promote your book!

Hey Guys Yesterday I reblogged book announcement of a blog friend of ours and this gave me an idea. Why dont we use this space to promote your book! So this month.. that’s the plan! This is going to be book promotion month yayyyy! So please drop the links to your book, it could be…… Continue reading Promote your book!

Sirkkusaga by Kyt Wright (Book Promotion)

Looking for a very different science fiction story?? Science Fiction lovers, here’s a book for you!! Our fellow writer, and author of the blog has penned down a fascinating book for you all. About the book: A saga – a long story of heroic achievement, especially a medieval prose narrative in Old Norse or…… Continue reading Sirkkusaga by Kyt Wright (Book Promotion)


Needless to say Ashley has been an active mental health advocate in WordPress community and she has been standing by whoever needs validation on their mental health issue and she has been striving to remove the stigma around it. Following are her own words: “Great idea! My book Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis will be…… Continue reading MAKING SENSE OF PSYCHIATRIC DIAGNOSIS – Ashley L Peterson