Life’s Amazing 😊

First of all, Happy Ramadan. It’s an important month for us Muslims, the month of fasting and countless blessings and all. And I already feel a tad better. Also because I have somehow handled the reigns of my work. Just one more week to go before the audit period ends. Maybe 2. Then I can... Continue Reading →

Just Rambling Away

Do you have one of those days when you are dying of panic thinking about all the things you have to do, with strict deadlines? It makes your shoulders tense and then you just can’t work. But when you sit down and have a look at the list, it’s not that bad. Everything is pretty... Continue Reading →


Hey! So. it's sorted. I accepted the offer from this new place and resigned from my existing one. Can't get into details right now because I have to go back to work. but... it's not been easy. the whole thing has taken a toll on my mental health because every time somebody gives a notice... Continue Reading →

Hey people, It’s me again

It’s me again. Better than the last time. A little. Tasks at my current job are more sorted, which took me 50 tiny heart attacks every day but things are under-control. Resulting in 1% improvement in my mental health. Audit period sucks.  I get near-death experiences every 6 months and at this point I’m really... Continue Reading →

anxious, numb, teary-eyed

i have a list of 20 things to do and i'm sitting here with tears constantly swimming in my eyes i should start calling them adult-life tears maybe. because 1 situation makes you teary eyed and then you are unable to shed them, and they are just swimming there. you eyes are little pools of... Continue Reading →

Rambling away

Hey people Just here to vent, because Sam is busy. nothing imp tho ready? I have too much to cover and I’m exhausted.. not just exhausted exhausted, I’m every-bone-crushed exhausted. But I wont sleep without this verbal projectile,  On Friday me and my closest work friend were almost on the verge of crying. Our common... Continue Reading →

The Art of Decision-Making

I have been thinking Most of our decisions are actually driven by emotions. The very first feeling sticks with us. We start to paint coats and coats of logic and reasoning and pros and cons, just so that we can call it a calculated decision, the most sensible one. Because we are afraid of looking... Continue Reading →

Flipping a Coin.

Remember that job opportunity I was pursuing?  Well, they called again for the technical interview, the third time! Even though I already had gotten promoted, I went ahead with it because I hadn’t given a technical interview that remote and that’s conducted by the global office. It was something worth the experience at least. Last... Continue Reading →

Promotion Story

In december, my good senior manager told me he had recommended my name for promotion. Now it was recommendation of one SM out of many I was reporting to. So I wasn't sure until I see the announcement. Also I got to know my friends, who are my rock, lets name them A and M,... Continue Reading →

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