Inspired by Picasso’s Blue Period (1901-1904)

I slipped down the rabbit hole of art movements again, little crash course for you guys below: This time it was a work of Pablo Picasso that pull me into this blue vortex, which is remembered as Picasso’s Blue Period and lasted from 1901-1904, when he painted essentially monochromatic paintings in shades of blue and... Continue Reading →


It’s one of those nights When I feel like a frazzled rag Spread over my bed Shriveled With a mound of random pieces That form my life Pastels here Laptop there A bag of chocolate chips… But I feel like that dainty rag again Defying the vehement pull of the earth Like any moment It’s... Continue Reading →

Adaptation – Movie

It’s a complicated one to even begin. The first day I stepped foot in this office, I was made to sit in the board room where amateur artworks hung on the walls. Now normally we see art prints in workspaces, whenever there’s such work it’s either an employee or a boss’s kids, or long-term patients... Continue Reading →

Popcorn time!

So Some weird shit is going on at work. So Artist Boss (AB) has gotten comfortable with me, even though he turns all red while talking to me, but I think he turns all red talking to anybody. On one hand, from top to bottom of the hierarchy everyone is scared of him. He has... Continue Reading →

Emotional Art Story…

I can’t believe this happened. I have damp eyes saying this. At one point I was going to tear this work apart. Well. Let’s begin the art story of this one. My work is taking every cell of my energy these days and since I have written in my resignation that I will ensure a... Continue Reading →

Sad Situation

Such a sad feeling when you have an artist itch in your hands and a crazy idea in your mind and the only thing you don't have is time. I have so much work it's just... my dark circles have turned black I swear. it's 2 30 am, I am seriously sleep-deprived, and I have... Continue Reading →

Sandstorm and the rain after…

First of all, I got to sit with that new artist boss (we should be giving him a name at this point, a friend suggested Joe from You because of his long pauses. Please suggest something better). He came on Wednesday and I showed him the work I had done so far.  One day before... Continue Reading →

Happy Belated Eid!

Hello People Belated Eid Mubarak! It's been the most unplanned and yet one of the most happening one. Random invitations, and meeting all the cousins. It went great. Yours truly was blinging to the moon and back, so here is the compulsory Eid pic. It was a good Eid. 🙂 Have a good day. …... Continue Reading →

First Conversation- Sort of…

So that meeting happened. On Wednesday, the whole team had a meeting at the client’s premises. And as I am the focal person for this project, I was there beforehand taking care of things. One by one other team members were coming, and this guy came too. After working together for almost a month virtually,... Continue Reading →

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