Back to Business

Let’s get back to business..because we are doing absolutely no business.

Finally! found an opportunity to use that.

Haven’t sold any book in 2 months (because of zero effort on my part) and my last royalty payment just bounced back to amazon like a stupid ping pong ball because of some issues with transfer wise in UAE.

Just part of self-publishing struggles I will look into it when I’m better.

Oh about that..

Life has a perfect balance.

I was so happy and positive in my last post and next day I woke up feeling great and thought ok I think that post-vaccine thing is over and then BAM!!!

I got stuck in the middle of a side lunge.

like…$%#%$%^ now what!!!

My total energy drop under half a second I can’t even explain it.

I didn’t have body pain but I didn’t have any energy my every muscle suddenly went all wobbly.

And then I was back to bed and that’s where I spend rest of yesterday. Procrastinating…crying..cursing..

Then I woke up with splitting head ache today.

Let me redefine splitting headache. Your head turns into a burning orb of excruciating pain and if you sprinkle water on it, it will split open.

I did cold presses on my head. Because that stupid f**king inflammation was around my optic nerve going half way in my skull and cold presses does help when it suddenly wakes up.

But this it was like…nope, I ain’t budging!

And then came my black coffee to the rescue.

If you see me dying, try feeding me few drops of black coffee. There’s 95% chance it will revive me.

Headache is better but energy levels are worse than sloths.

Therefore I resumed work on my 2nd book, it’s time to look like a cave person again.

Wish me luck guys I need tons of it!

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15 thoughts on “Back to Business

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  1. You remind me of those individual geniuses, of the late ninetieth and early twentieth century, like Van Gogh, Nietzsche, Gaugine and many others, great achievements, despite their suffering. Well there is something to aspire to, you are definitely not in bad company.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww you guys are beyond amazing! you have no idea how much strenght your words just gave me. This means the world to me because sometimes we have potential but we aren’t confident to explore it and that’s wht i get from fellow writers like you.
      I’m literally teary eyed.
      thank you so much!

      Liked by 2 people

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