Devilry of the Darkness

This blood-sucking leech
Devours everything
Bit by bit

Licking it 
To the last crumb

Like a bucket full of fireflies
Ebb into oblivion
As if they were merely
A pinch of glitter

Just as blue ink
Drags the sun
By its claws
And swallows it

All darkness does
Is feed on the light
To get darker… 

.. (1)

Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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11 thoughts on “Devilry of the Darkness

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  1. Just checked out your About page. You are intriguing. That’s a good thing. I relate to aot if what you’ve said and your general vibe; at least in how I read it. I was so surprised to read you’re not a guy or a stoner. Ha. Very cool. I’m not really rabbit 🐰 either, but don’t yell anyone. 😁. Keep doin’ you.


  2. Love this! Well done. Just saw that you liked one of my poems (thank you) and thought I would check out your site… glad I did! You are amazing and I look forward to reading a lot more of your work as time allows… I’m sure you know how that is, so much writing to do, so many books to read!!! Take good care, Michelle

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do randomly stroll around WordPress, must have come across your work then and liked it 🙂.
      I am glad you like my blog i really appreciate it and i completely understand there’s so much to read and write, it’s like we are always running out of time.
      Thanks again for stopping by 🙂
      You too.


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