Sudden fit of creativity.

Me: my hands are itching give me something, anything ? Sis: Lotion? Me: No. Paints pastels pencils.. Sis: Check that bag you might find something.. Now let me explain situation of that bag. It had pencils, markets, pastels, crayons chalks etc etc etc .. of at least our past five generations! Ad elephant can get…… Continue reading Sudden fit of creativity.

After the storm..

Ok people I really wan tto share alot of things with you guys so grab your popcorns. A small bag would be enough. Last few months have been very hard on me. Well I think I have been saying this since 2 years now. Anyway. So last 2 months I saw ugliest faces of people…… Continue reading After the storm..

Sketching in kitchen – charcoal sketch

Wanted to rough practice on meddling hint if colour with charcoal like a work I did some time back. And what better place than kitchen when you are cooking for a family of 10. Invited a big family for dinner and have shit load of work and still felt like sketching or I could die..I…… Continue reading Sketching in kitchen – charcoal sketch

Another experiment- Charcoal & Pastels

Since this seems to be working for me I went on to experiment more with charcoal and pastels. And this time I didn’t go for a reference image so the whole thing was my idea from the scratch. I just wanted to check how black and white works when toned slightly with pastel. I can’t…… Continue reading Another experiment- Charcoal & Pastels

Just sketching..Charcoal & Pastels

Will reserve my gibberish here. I wanted to practice facial proportions so i used this image from google… And then i went on to do this… I kinda like it.. Observe .. Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address…… Continue reading Just sketching..Charcoal & Pastels

2017 Favorites

I was checking gallery of my phone for 2017 Favorites and I saw pictures of my artwork/drawings/experiments/sketches. I dipped my hands in charcoal graphite and soft pastels this year only. The pictures could perfectly reflect the the phases and emotions or just boredom, I have been going through this year. It’s like a timeline of…… Continue reading 2017 Favorites