Trust the Process.

Have been having really bad feeling all day.

It was one of those days when you silently pray everything is ok with everyone, but you also don’t want to worry everyone by calling them and asking “hey I’m getting a bad feeling, you ok?”

So, I tried to do something to divert myself and best way for me is to do something new. So I made flourless chocolate chip banana bread with oats and dark chocolate.

It was actually good and I could eat it without dying with guilt.


It looks like brownie because I only had a brownie pan, not a bread pan.

But that wasn’t enough.

So I took out my charcoal and a piece of paper and started sketching, while I was talking to a friend on phone (still talking to her lol)

So first I messed this up a little..


Then smudged the whole thing and worked on the same paper.

Trust the process they say.


this is where we are now..


I don’t hate it…

And I don’t feel that bad anymore.

Hope you all are having a bearable day.

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21 thoughts on “Trust the Process.

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    1. Oh.. i could almost be a billionaire if i knew it on time. There was i time i used to see few hints in dreams that would come true in real life. It has happened accurately for 4 5 time but i never took it seriously infact it became a running joke in my family.

      Well. Now i just get these random unknown bad feelings lol.

      Which novel is that?

      And thanks a lot for stopping by 🙂


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