Red – Portrait Art

I accidentally, actually alarmingly woke up early today because I heard water dripping. And that is the most effective alarm ever!

But it’s been like 6 hours and I haven’t found anything like that yet.

So I got a few things done and then I was just missing pastels. The only inspiration in my head was color red. I had to do a portrait with color red.

And then it began..

First of all tinted the paper red..20210311_122408

Then did a very rough sketch (forgot ears again)..


Then made those eyes.. because that’s what I know best..


Then contouring. Girls love it..




Some more make up. At this point my back started hurting and a disaster struck. I was trying to dust off charcoal and it all came over the face. But there’s no art without disaster so I lightly brushed it off with a makeup brush.


well.. moving on

I defined everything and added a background.

So, here’s final result under different lights.



I still can’t call it complete there’s a lot that can be done but I was tired and ok with where it was.

Realized by the end that I forgot ears..again..

If my work had a theme it would be “women with big eyes and no ears”.

That’s all for now. Please free to give suggestion your feedback helps me grow.

Thanks 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Red – Portrait Art

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    1. I learned a few techniques to get proportions right but i realized the best for me is guesswork. Sort of intuitive process. Theres a channel “portrait art” on youtube the guy there sketches like this.
      And since its charcoal vine, it’s easy to correct along the way.


  1. You have created a magnificent portrait! Talent must extend to great heights in your genes. (Does that even make sense)? Also, you are right about leaky faucets, or any kind of dripping sounds being an excellent alarm. LOL.

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