My 1st Charcoal Sketch of 2023

Guys, I’m EXHAUSTED! .. details later.

for now, enjoy the process of making a ton of mistakes while creating…

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34 thoughts on “My 1st Charcoal Sketch of 2023

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    1. Thank you so much!
      honestly, I’m not trying to get noticed much, I think I’m a little over-protective of my work. or I’m not sure if it’s good enough. I hope that day comes with I’m comfortable with my art getting noticed.


  1. This probably would have been my initial answer. But seeing you do this with painting or drawing has me think at least partially differently. At least for some poets, there is something of a regular ritual to their writing, and it might be possible to document it somehow. Granted, this would still be different from the “process” of painting or drawing, or plastic arts. The “process” of poetry might be totally individualized for each poet. Happenings, I feel, still have a process. But, I agree, usually not a procedure.

    Your point remains, though, and inspires wonderful thought…and poetry!


    1. My friend used to call me tragedy artist. I thinks thats more relevant when it cones to poetry. I have to go through the most intense emotions and words have to flow my themselves. I wrote my book in my darkest times and it has the best i could write so far. I haven’t been able to write another because it didnt have same intesity. The best words were birthed by the agony.

      But you are write too. We hear “process” of writers. And their practices and it worked for them.


      1. The term “tragedy artist” has me think of Kafka’s “A Hunger Artist.” It is a story you should read if you have not yet.

        While I am in accord with your stance concerning intensity and poetry, I try to find brilliance and holiness (even dreadfulness) in the plainest things, which opens the doors to poetry down every hall. While I do not have a procedure such as that for baking a cake, I do find myself going down a ritual path oftentimes when I get into the mode of writing.

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      2. OMG thanks for sharing this link!
        i read the trial and it turned out to be actual trial of my patience. took a forever to read a book this small, not because it was bad, just because how frustrating it was getting by every page. it’s a hard read.


      3. While I resonate with and love the idea that “the Trial is a trial to read,” it is a book I have read from endlessly and adore in excess. Kafka’s unfinished novels are more complete than a good many novels out there. I love that in his journals Kafka speaks about reading The Trial for friends…and their laughing throughout!


      4. Oh, as far as the emotional damage is concerned…I think I’ve surely felt a bit of that from The Trial, too! The demented side of me helps me bear it with humor, I suppose…!

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      5. writing and art has saved my life. there were time’s this is all i had.
        i was calling your going down a ritual path, a super-power. for writing having a process or ritual or anything gives some sort of consistency and quality to the work.


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