Blank – Charcoal Drawing

Went on experimenting with charcoal again. here it is.. for this I thought okay I won’t rush. I will take time and focus on details. it all went well but once I was done I went blank..(I cheated I know) so I won’t try to squeeze gibberish here and will leave you guys with this…… Continue reading Blank – Charcoal Drawing

Something About Mistakes – Charcoal Sketch

I am following a youtube channel these days; Art Prof, to learn art techniques and practice. The reason I am able to sit through even an hour long tutorial is this woman who is teaching there. The way she explains everything keep you hooked till the end. I drew this today.. I was practicing charcoal…… Continue reading Something About Mistakes – Charcoal Sketch

2017 Favorites

I was checking gallery of my phone for 2017 Favorites and I saw pictures of my artwork/drawings/experiments/sketches. I dipped my hands in charcoal graphite and soft pastels this year only. The pictures could perfectly reflect the the phases and emotions or just boredom, I have been going through this year. It’s like a timeline of…… Continue reading 2017 Favorites

A Successful Creative Experiment – Charcoal & Pastel

My bedroom pretty much looks like an art studio. We have paints, colours, several different kinds of papers, random pieces of cloth and ribbons, an easel and whatnot, lying around in the room. For an assignment my sis was working on a brown card sheet/ card paper/ kraft paper, it goes by different names. Here…… Continue reading A Successful Creative Experiment – Charcoal & Pastel

Something about charcoal.

There’s something about charcoal… its dust settles into your own darkness which is therapeutic for some odd reason. Drawing, smudging, layering, erasing the blackness pulls you into another world of gloom and tranquility. I realized why I am obsessed with charcoal, it lets you play with darkness. And darkness is undeniable. It exists in your…… Continue reading Something about charcoal.

Dervish – Charcoal Drawing

Here’s another one transferred successfully to the sketchbook. I took the outline of dervish from google the rest just happened. Well. I drew and posted my first drawing on 4th august 2017..(here’s the link ) I look at my first charcoal drawing and I look at this. It’s not some complex masterpiece but it’s…… Continue reading Dervish – Charcoal Drawing

Woman – Charcoal Drawing

So, the woman has been successfully transferred to the sketchbook. With a few changes of course. I wrote about the background of this drawing in my last blog.. All I will say is I didn’t know what I wanted but somehow she managed to find her way from some foggy mysterious place, traveled to the…… Continue reading Woman – Charcoal Drawing