Dervish – Charcoal Drawing

Here’s another one transferred successfully to the sketchbook. I took the outline of dervish from google the rest just happened. Well. I drew and posted my first drawing on 4th august 2017..(here’s the link ) I look at my first charcoal drawing and I look at this. It’s not some complex masterpiece but it’s…… Continue reading Dervish – Charcoal Drawing

Woman – Charcoal Drawing

So, the woman has been successfully transferred to the sketchbook. With a few changes of course. I wrote about the background of this drawing in my last blog.. All I will say is I didn’t know what I wanted but somehow she managed to find her way from some foggy mysterious place, traveled to the…… Continue reading Woman – Charcoal Drawing

Unburdening… brick by brick.

How important perfection actually is??? The simple answer: if you are getting paid for it…IT IS IMPORTANT!!!……if you are not just listen to your heart. Rest of the post is going to be elaboration of the answer above and my mind hovering over whatever just happened. Well.. This morning I was writing about artwork. I…… Continue reading Unburdening… brick by brick.

Baby Owl Judges You All! – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

So here’s another example of my boredom induced artistic escapades. I tried to get more comfortable with charcoal here. I am gradually learning to be more confident when it comes to drawing with charcoal as it’s crazy medium I swear. Working with charcoal is like taming a wild eagle with inFinite flight range…it flies everywhere…… Continue reading Baby Owl Judges You All! – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

The Horse – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

Phew!!! Done with another attempt to turn my entire room black and gray…and my clothes and face too… Well. I love horses so i was looking for guidance when i came across a detailed tutorial on youtube. With the help of that and a few pictures from internet for detailing and shading (i wanted to…… Continue reading The Horse – Graphite & Charcoal Drawing

Sad mad and hungry!

I am in love guys. I am in love with charcoal …and charcoal drawings..and charcoal materials..and theory…and everything charcoaly. I tried playing with different mediums .. graphite is like first love and it is still there…but charcoal is entirely different universe. The results it produces are spellbinding.. As I have just started taking drawing a…… Continue reading Sad mad and hungry!

The Eye – Charcoal & Graphite Drawing

I haven’t been participating in photography challenge lately as I was trying my hands on drawing.. it’s a self-learning process. This is 10 days old post I am adding this part as I felt like adding this to the challenge. Well the thing is…the moment you try to draw something you try to absorb as…… Continue reading The Eye – Charcoal & Graphite Drawing