Another experiment- Charcoal & Pastels

Since this seems to be working for me I went on to experiment more with charcoal and pastels. And this time I didn't go for a reference image so the whole thing was my idea from the scratch. I just wanted to check how black and white works when toned slightly with pastel. I can't... Continue Reading →

Untitled Again..- Charcoal Sketch

I just took a little break from screen and reading..for few hours..that's my Everest. but I had to be doing something besides my usual chores. so here it is.. it's untitled day I am going to sit and give titles to all of my work...hopefully soon.. And oh i followed a youtube tutorial for... Continue Reading →

Just sketching..Charcoal & Pastels

Will reserve my gibberish here. I wanted to practice facial proportions so i used this image from google... And then i went on to do this... I kinda like it.. Observe .. Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address... Continue Reading →

Just a Portrait – Charcoal

I had one blank (tinted with charcoal) page on my sketchbook and it was bothering me. I am a little hyper today. So thought before this energy start Depleting i better do something about that page. So.. So... Tada... How's it?? I took the idea from google images so i wont take credit for that.... Continue Reading →

Blank – Charcoal Drawing

Went on experimenting with charcoal again. here it is.. for this I thought okay I won't rush. I will take time and focus on details. it all went well but once I was done I went blank..(I cheated I know) so I won't try to squeeze gibberish here and will leave you guys with this... Continue Reading →

Something about charcoal.

There’s something about charcoal… its dust settles into your own darkness which is therapeutic for some odd reason. Drawing, smudging, layering, erasing the blackness pulls you into another world of gloom and tranquility. I realized why I am obsessed with charcoal, it lets you play with darkness. And darkness is undeniable. It exists in your... Continue Reading →

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