It’s My Birthday…Again

Actually, I had my birthday yesterday, on 29th Oct. 

And this one definitely is going to give me diabetes!

I couldn’t get a chance to write yesterday because people in my life cannot stop celebrating it! So my birthday spans from 29th to 31st this year. So far there has been 3 little celebration and 4th one is tomorrow.


Birthdays are a little complicated for me. 

I lost my mom very close to my 30th birthday. I know she would want me to enjoy this day fully and my friends and family always make sure of that, but there’s this pang of pain hiding in the shadows that doesn’t jump to the surface but still manage to make its presence felt.

Also, this is my first birthday without C…


My friend came over, who I met after more than a decade. We were in touch but couldn’t really meet up. So it was a good day. 

Then my brother took us to a nice place for dinner. I told him I need to have good dessert, and he perfectly understood the assignment he also got me the breakfast I love.

I feel like I don’t appreciate him enough. But I got him socks!

The rest of the family came today, and the official “cake-cutting” (actually 3rd desert-cutting) is finally done.

I remember when I was turning 30  I was intimidated by this number. It’s weird how this number can scare you far more than 20 or 40. I haven’t seen many people being happy on their 30th.

But 35 is sweet. 

I have never been this comfortable in my skin and body. I might complain a million times about my weight but that’s me just being me. I don’t hate it at all.

I mostly wear my skin bare, with no coloured foundation etc. but I do use good skin care.

I wear the natural texture of my hair. Rarely straighten them.

The point is. I’m comfortable with myself. I focus more on feeling good than looking good. 

I spend on what’s going to make me feel good rather than what will make me look superior in any way. And I’m loving it. Well, this one has always been this way. I spend far more on food lol.

The highlights of last year would be:

  • Completely, officially and legally coming out of a relationship that was eroding my life away.
  • Getting a job in one of the biggest consultancy firms in the world. I just got to know how hard it is to get in.
  • Making new friends who care about me and make me laugh and who made my whole transition so smooth.
  • Being appreciated as a hard-working (a little too much) and dedicated employee. People who never even met me know this about me.
  • I still managed to create a few art pieces.


  • Read 2 amazing books, and wrote none lol.
  • SHOPPING. I always thought I don’t like shopping, the truth is I love to shop when it’s the money I earned and I know I can openly spend it.
  • Having family around. I’m living with them after such a long time. The best part of it is my little nephew who is just the apple of my eye.
  • I didn’t stop appreciating little moments of joy and took a ton of pictures, too many to add here.
  • And even though I am not getting enough time to write, I still have you guys lol. This is one of the biggest achievements. I was afraid I’m going to lose all of you when I get busy with this side of the world. And THANK YOU for that!

And the most important thing. I’m comfortable with my mindset, my opinions and overall the way I navigate life. I was gas-lighted for years into blaming and guilting myself for just being the way I am.

I started doubting my mind, I don’t anymore. And the peace it gives you is priceless.

So. Overall life’s good 🙂

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  1. Happy Birthday, Commander. Haven’t seen you in a while. If I might add, you look amazing in those photos. And just one more thing… Where’s the baklava in those photos? Just kidding. I wish you a great year ahead and many achievements in your art and life.

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