I Played My Part

Boredom is dangerous.

When I get bored I end up doing something I wasn’t sure about doing.

A few months back, we had training, covering all aspects of how our firm operates.

And during that, a woman who takes care of the ethics area said something that stuck with me.

Everyone had numerous questions about the complaint/reporting process of the firm.

When a girl asked her 3rd question, she got “maybe you are already a sensitive person”.

It was like somebody overturned an empty pot on my head and hit it with a metal hammer.

The ringing never stopped.

I couldn’t hear a single word after that.

Now, this isn’t a total surprise and I’m sure she didn’t realize the impact of her words.

After that, one time I saw an ethics lady in the prayer area and randomly asked where and when I can find her in the building. Assuming I might be having a complaint, she told me “please do come over to see me”

Now we have a relatively lesser workload these days I went to have a conversation with her, what do I have to lose?

It started with 2 women talking. About her journey in her career and mine. And random stuff until she started getting a bit restless like..why are you here.

So I told her after saying multiple times that please don’t mind this is something I felt and I felt like I should say it to you because this has been bugging me for so long.

I told her how she used the phrase “maybe you are already sensitive” when somebody asked her about reporting.

A person struggling with any form of bullying/harassment needs a ton of confidence, strength and trust in the system to come forward and speak up.

When they hear words like these, they already feel like they will be judged and will not be taken seriously, in fact they may end up being labeled “sensitive” without any action taken against the actual culprit.

She got defensive (not in a mean way) and tried to defend her words by saying they have faced scenarios where the complainant was at fault.

I said that’s possible, someone might complain because of a personal grudge against someone, or maybe somebody is going through something else and got triggered by a minor incident at work, in those cases, it has to be judged during the investigation.

But the first step is to come forward and lodge a complaint or at least talk to someone, and for that, an open forum should be provided. People should be able to confide in you without the fear of judgment.

Later into the conversation, she said “I have a meeting in four minutes, thanks for bringing this point in attention, in the next training I will elaborate further”

Honestly, I don’t know what difference this conversation made or if there will be any change in anything at all.

But I’m glad I spoke up. What if it really makes a difference.

If there’s one little thing we can even try to fix in the society, why shouldn’t we? 🙂

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  1. This is so true. A lot of bad behaviour like bullying or harassment goes unchecked because people are afraid to speak up then when they are brave enough to tell someone (and as you say to trust the system) then they are told they’re too sensitive. :S People who say that should perhaps re-think their career choices, as ethics may not be it.


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