Art Talk

I started this piece idk when…

I remember I took few random pictures in my car porch and decided I want to make art with this colour palette.

Cool idea right!

It could be if I was doing it in a go and not taking half an eternity to complete it.

I have no idea how old masters worked on 1 piece for years. If I go to washroom in the middle of the work, I m lost and clueless when I come back like…where was I???

I blame work and family for this situation.

Weekdays and most of weekends I’m just mentally occupied with work, I’m trying to work on it though.

And weekends belong to family. I have sisters and their kids over and guess where they all go with their truckload of stuff…myroom! 

(we have talked about my room before you can read it here=>

And myroom is the place I have all my stuff. I thought about taking my art supplies and going to basement to create but we all know this is not how it works.

I need to be in my own comfort zone and surrounding where everything that belongs to me is accessible.

Ok a question. Do you guys go to some other room to create, it could be writing or art? Or you feel comfortable in your bedroom. I dream of building an art studio but I’m always most comfortable on my bed.

So today. Even though my sis is staying with me for last week with her 4 months old baby. This adorable little bald monster cries like he is trying to summon dead spirits but he is so cute he just melts my heart.

I hate babies for this. Like why do you have to be so chaotic and cute at the same time, it confuses my emotions.

Honestly today I was kinda mad. I was like, how come I’m not finishing this one. The incomplete ones bother me so much!

So today, when my sis and baby were busy with her friends, I took out this work and pastels and just kept working on it 1 mark at a time until at one point I thought I should stop here…

They are complete and they are not complete. This complication is never going to be resolved.

So this is where I stopped for now.

Maybe one day when I pull out my artworks I might work further on them. maybe…

But right now, this is it.

As always, please give your valuable feedback it’s going to help me grow by improving my art.

Thanks 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Art Talk

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  1. I love it! I see it as she is full of conflicting emotions… sort of sad but loving someone… maybe you and your nephew? I can’t write if my environment is noisy and/or disorganized. Too distracting…


    1. In my head i have replied to this comment like 5 days back 🤦‍♀️

      well. i see emotions now when you have mentioned it. i was so quick to take pictures and put it away i couldnt even look at it and try to make some sense of it.

      my nephew mades me mad and loving not sad and loving lol. i love him.

      Same! i need my own space and some solitude.

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  2. I love the final image! I also like the original. At some of the stages I wasn’t sure exactly where you were going but wow. It’s nice to see the progression.


  3. Well, this is the challenge all budding artists must face. The studio is the ultimate zone for the self to be self! It is not size but the quality of isolation ultimately the space will expand, there is nothing stopping it! As you accumulate work and materials over time, the demand for storage and display will increase. The question of disturbance? There was a time when I had to slave for money and had four children biting at my ankles; finding time to please my creative urges was minimal, so I did just that, during this period I became an abstract minimalist.


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