dragging and surviving…trying to…

Sick. Very sick.

Can’t move can’t work.

Dragging and surviving.

Can’t take a day off.

People turning negative and jealous, people who used to be nice.

Too much politics at work.

Saw 3 yellow butterflies

unwell, and too many meds. Now I can’t eat anything. Taste bitter.

Taxes suck! My family going crazy.

Hating this

Planning to read to stay sane. New team member motivated.


14 thoughts on “dragging and surviving…trying to…

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  1. I’m sorry your feeling ill. I too didn’t want to press the star, yet you’re a star for coming on here and letting others know how you’re doing. Get better soon. I will join the other who are praying for your recovery. Sending you a loving hug.

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  2. this is my life too. 9 tablets every morning just to feel like shit rather than dead. new ailments monthly. good job world!!!


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