dragging and surviving…trying to…

Sick. Very sick. Can’t move can’t work. Dragging and surviving. Can't take a day off. People turning negative and jealous, people who used to be nice. Too much politics at work. Saw 3 yellow butterflies unwell, and too many meds. Now I can't eat anything. Taste bitter. Taxes suck! My family going crazy. Hating this... Continue Reading →

Upset. Very upset! 😞

3 days… 4 yellow butterflies!! I’m I hallucinating? Idk I wouldn't be surprised. Maybe God just wants to bring a smile to my face… like a mini-break or something. This asshole manager has been talking shit about me behind my back and it has started impacting my senior manager’s judgment of me. I was thinking... Continue Reading →

Hero and Leander (voice)- Reblog

Poetry lovers, you are going to love this!


I tried to do a voice recording of my latest poem. It was tricky getting it up on WordPress, as it seems I had to make it a video, upload it to YouTube, then post the YouTube link. Let’s see how it came out. Text below.

Hero and Leander (the lamp and the water)

I still walk to that lake, the surface now still,
absence of geometry, ache of tranquility,

a voice but a whisper
soothing, sad, a silver
thorn in the side of love.

What love creates, need destroys.

We put flowers on the table
at the changing of the season.

Then the rains came. We watched
through the kitchen window.
You turned out the lamp.

“I love you more than I need you,” I said.
“Now I know what that means.”
But need, the ache, the silver thorn,
will have its bloody day.

Time passes. Seasons change.


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Any suggestions?

Hey guys I had to ask about something. This new guy joined our team. Actually, my whole team is minus 3 people and plus this 1 guy and our manager. This one is a good manager. So this guy mentioned his mom suffers from dementia and her struggles... We talked about my dad a little... Continue Reading →

Totally avoidable rant!

Ok people! Its time to write! Its only 2 am. Its raining like crazy And I’m confused and mad and confused. I wish C was here. She knew what to say. Damn I miss her so badly literally all the time. So. The review hasn't happened yet. Because everyone is busy at the firm. Too... Continue Reading →

First review

Today I have first review of my first unsupervised assignment. Im having a heart attack. Idk how I'm going to get through the day.

Random Updates

Written last night... I just took melatoninI have shitton of workAnd worriesMy brother doesnt look like he is ok  clearly he is struggling with something.The shirt i wore today had a hole. It was mom's i have been wearing it all the time now the stitches are dissolving.I was thinking maybe i should stay away... Continue Reading →

just sharing…

My most-uttered line to dad these days is… “I can’t even begin to explain what happened at work today” So that’s what I’m gonna say here. So I’m just going to share a few random pics I took this week. The first one is what inspired this post. I was this spider on my window... Continue Reading →


I’m at that point of life where there’s so much going on that you can’t even decide if it’s good or bad. So much that it takes a meltdown to feel 1% normal I’m too exhausted to even write. Had an amazing Saturday with the whole family. All 10 available members of the Mirza clan.... Continue Reading →

Thank You! 🖤

It takes a second to fall into a ditch.  And can a decade to climb out of it.  And you don't even know how long it will take to clean the dirt and when are your scars going to heal.  I fell. Climbed out. Washed the dirt. And I think most of my scars are... Continue Reading →

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