Master Plan to Deal with Work Situation

First of all!

Life’s full of shit people trying to smear shit in your life…BUT!!!

But if you have genuinely supportive amazing friends and family in your life, they don’t win!

They become just another bad person in your life history who will just keep growing insignificant time.

My Dad’s golden words about this asshole manager… “few years down the road you won’t even remember his name”

Thanks for being so kind and supportive in my last post.

This last week I talked to like a hundred people and I have a plan.

Few pointers before the plan:

  1. There’s no point in complaining about him, he is an asshole everybody knows and a hundred people have resigned because of him and reported him, and nothing was done.
  2. The reason: everybody has better opportunities and they switch, nobody in the industry wants this shithead. And firm thinks “he has been here for the last 10 years, everybody else left, so at least he is here”
  3. I won’t let this slide that easily. I am going to keep informing people around me of his each and every attempt! Not going to suffer in silence. Word spreads fast! Everybody already knows me and they know me too. 
  4. He will know, that I know what he is upto! I have made an old toxic boss shiver with my silent treatment… well she had some self-respect, he is just spineless. But still, not going to act like I don’t know what he is up to. So no hi, hello, any niceties.
  5. There’s one more senior manager I report to for advisory assignments, I have already informed him and he understood, if possible I might try to switch to his team for audit assignments too. This doesn’t happen easily and might not happen at all. But it’s an option.
  6. Another option is looking for the next switch. But I want at least one year of experience here and the switch has to be an upgrade. Has to be better position at least. Why should my resumé suffer for him?

Now the final bombshell! This audit period is almost over and they don’t have more audit assignments to give me but they will give assign me to audit in December and that’s when I’m going to say “I did my best but I don’t think my work was at par with your requirements, I have been hearing things like I have personal problems in my life and because of that I get nervous and can’t work properly. Kindly don’t send me to an assignment unsupervised. I might get nervous and ruin the assignment and ultimately ruin firm’s reputation”

This will drive them insane! They split work resources-wise. They must be planning to give me 7 to 8 assignments in December (because they know there was nothing wrong with my work) and once I refuse to go alone they will have to rework their plan. When I’m only trying to save the firm’s reputation… *innocent face*.

I’m going to use their own words against them… a reverse UNO.

At that point they will only have 2 options; 1. either they will have to reorganize whole working and send me with somebody else (which will give the lesser opportunity to this asshole to bother me as i won’t be alone), 2. they will say “no you are good at this, you can do it (trust me they have said it before). It’s a win-win for me!

I will make them eat their words back!

In the end, the thing is I need to again focus on the bigger picture. His venom was able to hurt me for a week but this stops here.

My bigger plan involves me working here for 2.5 years. It’s already my 7th month here. I might choose to stay for like 1 year complete and then switch. And complete the rest of my 1.5 experience from another firm. This won’t even look bad on the CV.

There are bad people everywhere, a lot worse than him, but we don’t sign up to get harassed at work.

If one person said something wrong, and nobody confronted him, there’s something wrong with the culture at the workplace. And the only option in such circumstances is to quit, but not at the expense of your own goals.

Thanks again for all the love and support you all give me every time. I feel like I’m offering nothing here anymore except my own problems.

I really hope I have something better to offer soon.

Thanks again for sticking by. May you all get the same support and kindness, always. Ameen.

Oh btw, I almost ruined the art I was working on, but you can always try to fix things. It’s still in progress. Let’s see where this goes.

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13 thoughts on “Master Plan to Deal with Work Situation

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    1. i was maintaining gratitude journal my friend C made me do it and then idk i just stopped maybe i didn’t feel the need. i was writing 5 things in a day. it’s very helpful when you are struggling to feel positive.
      You keep well too xx 🙂


  1. At least you know the enemy you are facing. In my experience in the teaching profession, those bad supervisors above my status often remained anonymous as they passedthe buck to others to take the fall. Beware of those kind as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. with this guy, the whole department, even some people at clients know what shit-person he is. so it’s not a secret and he is actually proud of himself for whatever he does and gets away with.

      i’m really bad at judging people, honestly i dont even try. so the people you are talking about could be causing some damage alredy and i wouldn’t even know.


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