When it’s over..

I’m staring into the night
Black jewel encrusted giants circling me
As if Its an amphitheater And i’m going to perform
I can see moon peeking from the edge of a giant
I’m burrowed in my couch
My eyes stretch in horror when i’m not horrified
It’s first punch of reality right in the face
So, maybe i’m horrified
On the other end my friend listening to my silence on call
Sometimes that’s all you want
Somebody who can listen to your silence
I have an ominous feeling these walls are going to collapse any moment
And i will pulverize under their rubble
Or maybe i will evaporate like i never lived in this home
Sometimes that how insignificant my existence feels
Suddenly i’m sobbing When i should be happy
Holding onto my left-over wits with my nails
That still keeps slipping time to time
I’m trying to stay calm and still explode
Sadly in the face of the very few who are holding me
It hurts
But sometimes explosions is the only voice they can hear
I’m trying to gather strength like shard of broken windows after a tornado
But i can’t, this too hurts
I’m breaking crashing and falling apart
All at the same time
They say thats how it happens
When you accept that it’s over.

Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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6 thoughts on “When it’s over..

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  1. Hey…I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your Nanu Abbu. Just want you to know…I will love you through this…too. These things are hard. I know…preaching to the choir. Sorry. I am just not really consistent with all this blogging these days, and I was crushed to see your news. Keep on with your wisdom that so many need and yearn to hear. Keep lighting the spark that so many look for. Your friend was right. Keep busy . If that was Sam…hi sam. Donna


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