Fragments of One Huge Lie

Watch And you will see The birds flying In the magnificent skies Circle within The unmarked boundaries Feel the ocean Wrapped around you When you go for the next swim Let it seep To your bones And don’t be surprised By the nature’s demarcations The layers Of different waters Now look around At the people…… Continue reading Fragments of One Huge Lie

Forlorn Philosophies

Listen Obey Bow your head Kneel down Don’t cry Not a single tear Why are you shaking Like a withered leaf Dont! No more sobbing Why are you crying You have everything Don’t you?? Tell us Or dont Just obey Smile Or dont Just obey And don’t you dare weep Like a pathetic fool You…… Continue reading Forlorn Philosophies

Solace in Confinement

She sat hugging herself In decaying wooden closet. Her eyes Her lifeless brown eyes Scouring the darkness, Blankly A thin streak of light Peeking from the slightly opened door Invading her solitude Ran over her Dividing her She rested her head back Clutched her knees tighter And closed her eyes In surreal surrender And exhaled…… Continue reading Solace in Confinement