Proud of Myself

I have been wanting to have a fresh baby pineapple for a while now but the eyes was so hard to take out.

Then I randomly came across somebody peeling a baby pineapple on instagram and I thought… I think I can do this.

And I did!

Screen Shot 2021-08-21 at 1.59.37 PM

Look at this cute little juicy pineapple.

This is one of the best pineapples I ever had.

Just came to share my new culinary skill with you all.

Hope you are having a nice day πŸ™‚


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12 thoughts on “Proud of Myself

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  1. If you have two years, give or take… If your apartment/condo/cell/tent is devoid of plant life… If you want to feel connected to the flora of flora and fauna… If you want to feel you have helped a bio-soul flourish… Grow your own pineapple. Yup. You heard correctly.
    Next time you buy a whole pineapple, carefully slice the “leafy” top off leaving a modest amount of fruit flesh attached. Suspend it (don’t drown it) in water. 30% of the time, a pineapple encouraged this way will grow. (Sometimes it rots – math suggest 70% of the time. I’m an optimist, I ignore that trivia – rots, like people you try to nurture and you must in the end compost it – shame we cannot compost un-redeemable people.)
    Before you even see “roots” but have discovered the greenery flourishes, pot it in good, loose soil. Compact the soil gently. Water occasionally, before it cries for water. I like the pineapple plant; fragile and tough, beautiful and dangerous. Like people? I potted three this way. One, after more than two years developed a funny knot in the central stalk. Poor thing! Wait! No! It was a baby pineapple.
    Much later, I “harvested.” Sweetest, juiciest pineapple I ever ate. I may post a non-sequiter lead photo of the results of my experiment. If you pass my way again, you might see it. Enjoyed your post.


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