Pretty & Ugly

It’s all pretty untill you have to go to a hospital in turkey.

Then it turns very VERY ugly.

Walked like half of istanbul to get to the right dept of right hospital to get pcr done. It’s hard to understand directions when very few people can understand and speak English.

Thank God weather is nice. Can’t imagine doing this in Ephesus or Pamukkale heat.

Oh i saw the ruins i was talking about.


At this moment, I have hit that level of exhaustion where you don’t know you slept, fainted, slipped into coma or died for a short time.

Latest epiphany! buses are answer to my insomnia. I have slept in every bus i sat in.

Each one of them, if the journey is more than 15 mins, I’m napping!

Time to wrap up the trip and see if something is worth buying.

Im a sucker for handmade soaps, and saw some nice afforable ones, so thats going with me.

Nothing is easy, but if you panick less (which is a challenge) you can get through the problem with far less difficulty.

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