Random little things

Our tour guide gave me these sprigs of lavender.


she just randomely plucked it from a plant and said put it in your luggage it will smell nice.

I rubbed a few little lavender flowers in my mask and it was heavenly.

I carry a small amount of lavender oil with me, but this was even better.

I needed it so badly, i didn’t even know.

I was wondering what do you guys feel like taking pictures of?

What thing/scene etc has most pictures in your phone or camera.

I have tons of pictures of clouds and then flowers.


I love clouds.. wait for a separate cloud post.

But i would love to know, what do you capture most?


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15 thoughts on “Random little things

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  1. I don’t take tons of photos, but I find that many of them are of the stream in our neighborhood. I’m drawn to the moving water. I love standing next to the stream and closing my eyes and listening to it. And, oh yeah, sometimes I take photos 🙂

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    1. You have a stream in your neighbourhood!!!
      I dont even have a stream in my dream.
      Moving water is probably the most soothing sound, thats why it’s in a lot of white noise audios and apps.
      You are so lucky! Must be very relaxing.
      Would love to see those photos 🙂

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      1. I’m definitely lucky — I agree! I’ll have to put together a post of photos, maybe a video on YouTube if that would give a little relaxing break to some folks.


  2. I’ve been about nature lately. Photographs of water, and closeups of flowers. Especially the lovely roses my neighbour grows.


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