How hard is it to make parents happy?

Sometimes it takes just a random little thing.

Yesterday I was out for walk and I have this habit of taking really random pictures of flowers, trees moon etc.

And pictures of lights.

We have fake small lakes where I go for walk and the buildings mirroring in the water, is something I never get tired of.

Guess who else doesn’t get tired of lights? My friend’s Dad.

I sent her a random pic and she sent it to her dad and she told me he liked it. I took a better one for him and sent that.

And that made him really happy.

We have done this before. I haven’t taken a random picture of lights at night before and sent to him and he always alway appreciates it.

When she told me, it sounded so warm and sweet and brought me joy.

On this part of the world Me and my family was waiting for one of the hardest day of our lives.

Today, 29th April is my parents wedding anniversary.

This day is brings excruciating pain to all of us but for my Dad it’s something we can’t even imagine.

Because 6 months after my mom passed in October 2017, on 25th April, my dad was waiting on the door for her, when hospital staff came to sedate and take him.

After days of treatment, when he woke up he told doctors “I was waiting for my wife” he was planning to celebrate his anniversary and had already made few arrangement.

He was going through manic episode and was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

….that’s when I started to get serious about mental health awareness..

I might delete this post later because I want people to think I’m trying to get some sort of attention or pity.

He got better. A LOT better. He has been really careful with his overall treatment.

But he is a human.

October and April are so hard for him. These months make him sick and no matter how badly we all got effected, it can’t even close to what he lost.

He is been very sick this whole month, but after weeks of my nagging he went to his therapist and got his meds revised.

I was afraid to call him today, tbh. His health was slipping so fast.

But I had to call. You can’t pull ostrich move on your parents.

And I did.


I wanted to cry like a baby when I heard some life in his voice again.

We talked about my walks. My next nagging subject is walk in open air. He hasn’t been out for a year now. He was only going for walk when I was there. I will eventually push him for this too.

And we talked about my nieces and how monkeyish they are and it made him laugh so hard.

And weather.

And broken Ac lol

And Covid. Of course.

And really random subjects.

We talked and we laughed, because that’s how easy it is to make fathers happy.

I know inside, he must be going through hottest hell. But any distraction, just anything helps.

My friend’s mom is also fighting cancer, and looking at my Dad, I have an idea what her Dad might be going through.

If these pictures divert his mind for a minute. It’s totally worth it.

Maybe try calling your dad today.

Have a conversation with them or share something with them.

Send them a random selfie or any pic of anything wherever you are.

Because literally it’s that easy to please them.

Take care guys and cherish your parents.

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32 thoughts on “Dads

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    1. It’s a huge battle for him to push through everytime he feels like giving up. he is a true warrior. taking handful of meds that you know will knock you down for most of the day and have a million side effects, i can’t imagine his everyminute war with this illness.
      I’m proud of him.

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  1. Don’t delete it we all need to know how this effects people. My mom I have noticed for the 2 years in April goes nonexistent for months. She gets all weird, and her phone goes straight to voicemail. I myself have many people in my life with bi-polar, and as well Schizophrenia. April is the month my dad took his life at the young of 30 while on the phone with my mom. I don’t even think she is aware of her behavior. I have been praying about what, and how to address it with her.
    These things in life are all to real, and mental illness is what my dad suffered greatly from until his tragic end.
    Thank you for sharing! Please leave it up!

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    1. I’m extremely sorry to hear about your father and i can’t even imagine what your mother went through and still goes through. to lose someone like that.. painful is a small word.
      If you feel your mother hasn’t realized her behaviour, i think somebody should have a conversation with her. it’s important. Mental health wont be an entirely new concept for her so it might be easy to convince her. Start slow and gentle. talk to her and convince her to see a counselor/therapist, just to talk.
      you really have to be persistent and patient with parents at time but she needs to see a professional, just keep it mild.

      We are all in this togather ❤️

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  2. Mental health awareness is very important and in a society like ours it’s brushed under the rug. We do need to talk about it. Thanks for sharing. Wishing you and your family all the best.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know our society isn’t there yet where you could talk about it but it’s there. it’s very much there in our faces and we keep on ignoring it, which only makes it worse.
      there is a problem we are supressing and it’s getting bigger because people aren’t getting help.

      Thank you.

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  3. It’s a beautiful photo. It’s hard, sometimes, dealing with our parents, with the aging and the life stuff. I have challenges myself, so I appreciate hearing that others struggle too.

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    1. Our parents raised us on their own, we can’t handle them even if we work collectively. There’s no comparison. That’s how lifecycle works.

      Someone said parents turn into babies when they grow old. And my aunt reply “no, babies are small and can’t talk or complain, old parents are way harder to take care of”

      It is a struggle.

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  4. This made me cry…a bit. First of all, I might say…dont delete this, then again, you knew I would say that. hahaha. Yes, I am back. Hopefully a little longer this time. Crazy year…like everyone else. But yes… dads. My dad had a stroke two years ago now (they don’t live near me). I think is it so important to still laugh with him even though he cant laugh. Still encourage him to join groups even if he just listens. Talk with him even though his speech is slurred. The stoke brought out flashbacks from the Vietnam war that no one but me has heard, and I believe he needed do that. He is loved and deserved to know that every second I can have contact with him. (I will finally return in a week) Love ya…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wont delete it. Maybe will delete oart about my dad because sometimes i do give my blogs link to potential employers and mental health issues in history isn’t someting that will help my chances of getting the job.
      Please stay longer. Im a bit busy but will catch up asap. But do stay. I really miss my old blog friends.
      I hope and pray your dad gets better soon and soon he starts laughing with you. Nothing more satisfying that parent’s smile. And this is all they need. They need contact and connection. They need to feel loved and a bit needed all the time. Sometimes a randomly as for suggestion just to make him feel important.

      Love you too 🙂

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