Final Breaths

I heard dry rustling 
Stench burned my eyes
Pain numbed my mind
My carcass perched
On the edge of my grave
Pale and faded
Dry as a twig


Like forgotten pages
Of forbidden books
Winds crackled my skin
And I saw my existence
Flaking and tumbling
Down my body
And pooling around me

Like fallen leaves

I saw myself
Slowly diminishing 
Into rotting nothingness
As my final breaths
Left my body
Into the winds of fate..

.. (1)

Copyright © 2021 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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18 thoughts on “Final Breaths

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  1. Look with love
    From above
    As I lay alone
    Bits of old bone
    In the dirt
    No more hurt
    No eulogy here
    No fear
    Of a ghost
    I loved you most
    As I died
    And you cried
    Showing me
    That knowing me
    Had been real
    And making me feel
    Loved at the end
    But let’s not pretend
    It’s the end, too
    For you
    So laugh once again
    Remember me when
    You’re not alone
    A new love of your own
    Sing a song
    Say ‘so long’
    Dance on my grave

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    1. 🙂
      how do you always do this. You should patent this skill.

      You completed my sad and demented poem with something that’s sad but still makes you smile.
      The trance of losing soul..
      I’m actually smiling.

      Thank you for your exceptionally impactful words.🙂


  2. Faded twigs, as wind writing tools, rustle up a secret word from the leaves of a forbidden book, just because some birds gather twigs for their nest and hatch the ultimate chick chat that soothes the savage dying beast gone invisible. Or not.

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