Tiny Dose of Joy

I woke up to a notification saying something I ordered wayyyy back is delivered.

Next, you run like crazy to pick it up before someone else does.

By the way, it’s so weird we run for something that could be already sitting on the doorstep for hours. In our head any theft can only happen within frame of 1 minute after looking at notification.. it’s so odd. Idk why I do this.

Well. It’s a very cute product I ordered on amazon daaayyyyys back, maybe weeks back.

Look at this abso-fking-lutely adorable fridge clock.

20210429_014307 (1)

fridge clock

It was expensive for my budget for a clock, so took me a year to decide if I should buy it and when it arrived, it wasn’t good quality as expected, this has no lebel of any brand or seller. it came in a blank cardboard box and I have holes in my fingers from assembling the needles.

And the battery isn’t fully secure in its slot. Which was so annoying.

But once it was on my fridge… I felt it’s one of the best things I have bought recently.

like it was meant to be a a part of my life, maybe because..coffee..

And here’s one little thing. I pro-con a purchase a thousand times.

My friends have been pushing me to not do that a lot because it drains you and sometimes and it’s little things that can give you that tiny dose of joy that we all need every now and then.

It made me happy. 🙂


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