Just Gibberish – WPC

It’s said we are social animals and human interactions is crucial to your growth. Then we have seen/read cases of feral kids and we cannot deny the importance of connection with fellow humans. I know I am talking about extreme cases here. But then there are people like me. The inbetweeners. Conveniently labeled Introverts. We…… Continue reading Just Gibberish – WPC

2017 Favorites

I was checking gallery of my phone for 2017 Favorites and I saw pictures of my artwork/drawings/experiments/sketches. I dipped my hands in charcoal graphite and soft pastels this year only. The pictures could perfectly reflect the the phases and emotions or just boredom, I have been going through this year. It’s like a timeline of…… Continue reading 2017 Favorites

Raven in the Ashen Sky #SquareSky

Raven in the ashen sky Stripped of colors Doesn’t need to look jazzy Doesn’t even try He looks gloomy But nobody questions why Everybody knew his torment But nobody saw him cry.. He keep soaring, Ascending into the sky Guess this is his mantra He loves living high Unlike the worldly creatures He is not…… Continue reading Raven in the Ashen Sky #SquareSky

Nature’s Sorcery

If i tell you my favorite place to sit is any piece of furniture facing my window, you wont be surprised. Window obsession isn’t new. In my childhood home i insisted to sleep in drawing room, lying on a mattress that i lovingly placed in the exact centre of the room every night. And then…… Continue reading Nature’s Sorcery