Favourite Place – WPC

I have been procastinating for so long that i almost reach the end..the challenge ends tomorow.. I have done alot of outdoors photography recently but at any given day my Favorite Place is my home. Where i am comfortable. And at home after my bed and couch my favourite place is my window. I know…… Continue reading Favourite Place – WPC

Anchored, yet restless – WPC

I’d Rather Be…watching sunset somewhere by the sea. Sitting on those huge rocks looking at sun sinking into the ocean turning into melted gold … …… I would rather be flying somewhere Letting the winds handle the reins of my life briefly.. just briefly.. … Maybe I would prefer to sit at that point between…… Continue reading Anchored, yet restless – WPC


Went out last night Ran my gaze Over midnight sky Segregated by unruffled ocean By a thin line Of fairy lights.. I saw strangers Many of them Dark random Silhouettes Of walking, talking Breathing stories I didn’t dare go near Didn’t dare see their faces Maybe, I was scared Of their secret stories Or maybe…… Continue reading Silhouettes..

Just Gibberish – WPC

It’s said we are social animals and human interactions is crucial to your growth. Then we have seen/read cases of feral kids and we cannot deny the importance of connection with fellow humans. I know I am talking about extreme cases here. But then there are people like me. The inbetweeners. Conveniently labeled Introverts. We…… Continue reading Just Gibberish – WPC