A Dreadful Trip #WritePhoto

They said travel and you will be all right.

Just like suggestions about sorceries like eating healthy, socializing, working out and so on.

So here I was, looking out on a stream of water gushing out of rocks with its all might only to end up in a small dark pond.

Lovely fresh air that could clean your lungs in few breaths and water singing the most peaceful melody that could put demons to sleep, those were the conclusions I drew from what rest of the group was saying.

I could hear no melodies. It was like someone forgot a tap open and it must be taken care of soon or it could flood my patience.

And air was polluted by the smell of sandwiches that people brought with them with such immense enthusiasm, as if they were taking it to Mars and whenever they would feel hungry they will pull out a sandwich they brought from their mother-planet.

Standing still as a lamp post, I was hiding my own dreads under my full bang, big glasses and baggy black shirt.

It must have been barely half an hour. The dreadful half an hour I spent waiting for someone to get over their excitement and admit this wasn’t fun at all. Thankfully, it happened before they could hear me snoring.

We were back in the car. A vehicle designed for road trips and equipped for an apocalypse, thanks to rest of the group, I don’t remember carrying something more than my own body which I think was equal to each person with all their stuff. Technically I was doing them a favour.

Few hour on the road, I felt like car was shrinking on me and air was malevolently biting into my skin. Smell of food was punching my guts from the inside. And my eyes involuntarily brimmed every now and then, even after me urging them not to do so.

I had rested my whole existence on the door as if it was a portal that had ability to transport me back home, only I didn’t know any magic words.

Most annoying part, constant stupid jokes that a man cracked to impress God-knows-who and constant giggles (sometimes thunderous laughs) of a woman as if there was a standup comedy going on in the middle of the car.

Only laughs I had to offer were nervous laughs.

You know what was genuinely funny to me? My predictions about this trip coming true one by one, as I wrote the script!

A picture from that trip..

Written for Sue Vincent Weekly Write Photo Challenge

Copyright © 2020 stoneronarollercoaster – All rights reserved

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