Crazy crazy crazy life!

just when I need to be in my best form, there is this meteor shower of problems hitting me all at once!

my sis is visiting from UK after soooooo long and she is here for such a short period that it’s like we just picked her from. airport and one week is gone already.

with 2000 plans and 2 seconds of stay, suddenly my whole entire family unit is sick. we all are just coughing sneezing burning in fever, and counting how many minutes she is here more and how many plans we can squeeze in those minutes. we are running out of maths now

then on Monday I got an interview invite from a good company. it’s still not bigger than my current one and probably the scope will be narrow too but I want to see where it goes. I haven’t given an interview in a long time, if anything it will be good practice for the next opportunity.ย 

i re-scheduled it for tomorrow (Friday) and still, I just didn’t have the strength to prepare for it. so God helps me now. it’s my first virtual interview. I could just be sitting there sneezing and coughing and looking in the wrong direction in the wrong lights and saying all the wrong things…ย 

it will be a good one or a funny one.

damn, I can’t stop sneezing…ย 

and oh we have 2 babies wailing in the background 24/7… so that’s going to be my interview background too most probably.

and I started reading Catch 22. it’s fun. but with so much going on I’m just going a few pages at a time. might take a century to finish at this pace.

also, I finished both my certificates and one I was able to get financial aid for. and the third one is in progress. details later.

i had little space between one audit period and another and I went on to do whatever I can before I become a victim of the signature landslide of clients.. so far it has been great and very satisfying.

in between all of this I have a few reblog’s lined up.

my last re-blog was of a post by our lovely fellow blogger who needed us. you all are great but when I do I reblog I want you to go to the original post and extend your support there because it’s their story, their words. I will give your messages to her. thanks a lot for the kindness.

I also have to write to C’s mom. we lost her last December…

life’s such a rollercoaster. or maybe I have made it that way.

well. take care guys. you are the best people believe me!

when I talk to random people in real life most of them are just shudder-inducing.

love you guys!


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    1. Im loving catch 22 so far. Its brilliant work and hillarious.

      Oh i forgot to mention the upcoming sports event of our firm and i’m going to do the hardest thing…walking…

      My siblings said she chose walking because sleeping wasn’t an option.

      Oh this interview is at peak disaster hour of my family so expect anything!

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