Pushing through

One more day to go then we will have Eid holidays. 

6 days straight yayyyyy!!!

That’s literally my total motivation to keep breathing today.

I took a cab today to get home which was like a treat from me, to me, because I didn’t even have the energy to walk like 10 to 15 minutes in sun.

You know why?

Grab the tissue box you might end up crying…i will!

We had power outage last night!


And one time I was in the middle of dad’s work, I shared mobile data using hotspot to finished his work on laptop, when my phone had 3% charging!

It was a miracle.

But then I couldn’t sleep till very late so I chose not to wake up for pre-fast meal (suhoor). So yea, I was hungry for veryyyyy long time, and sleepless and frustrated.

I came home and slept, as usual. 

But getting out of bed when I woke up, was like crawling out of the rubble of a whole entire building.

I’m so tired, my tired is tired.

Writing this before I doze off again.

Just one more day…


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13 thoughts on “Pushing through

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      1. 👏👏👏 Golden words.

        i dont know when i will get to this level of wisdom and positivity.

        You are right. it’s been proven time after time. you know better when you sit with them and talk. And maybe they feel the same way about me. I felt that at Eid dinners.

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