Flowers within a flower – FOTD

I didn’t know it could do that.

I saw 2 little flowers (at least that’s what they look like) within one flower, in one of the plants we have.

They always looked like yellow dots I thought its a pollen kinda thing. 

Hence the picture for you all…also happens to be the last picture of April.


Posting for Cee’s Flower of the day.

And Brian’s Last on the card challenge.

Have a bearable Monday! 😊

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14 thoughts on “Flowers within a flower – FOTD

Add yours

      1. My dad does this. Every years he gets new flowers planted. I love flowers im realizing now.

        If you dont know the names yiu can always use google lens, its such a blessing.

        Have a lovely weekend 😊


      2. I got my love of flowers and planting from my dad. I remember as a little girl he would scatter the seeds in the middle of the yard; I would follow him and we’d laugh. Then, months later beautiful zinnias of all colors would start to bloom . . .Ah, memories. Thanks for information about google lens. . .Have a lovely week ahead. . .


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