Families are Complicated #FOTD

Relationships are complicated sometimes you don’t even know what you feel or what you want.

From the surface, you can’t see through all the layers.

Especially with families, there’s always a little bit of love milled in tons of hatred.

And there exist underlying negative emotions that are invisible until provoked to swim to the surface.

Yesterday, I went to offer condolences to someone who lost his father. The father abandoned his 10-year-old kid after his wife’s passing. But there were still tears and pain.

I will never understand the dynamics of the blood relations.

Step back and analyze your relationship with your family as a unit and with every individual.

Sometimes the grudge is not worth the regret you will face later.

Never accept bullying even if it’s from your family.

Never let them demean you.

But never chose to be the bully. You might never get a chance to apologize.

To keep a unit intact there’s always someone leading, someone sacrificing, someone trying to harmonize things, and someone working on the plans. It’s teamwork and not everyone is a superhero.

But just being human will be helpful, right?

Again, there’s nothing worse than the regret of not being there for someone.

And nothing more painful than not having someone when you need them.
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10 thoughts on “Families are Complicated #FOTD

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    1. Good to hear my post wasn’t a set of empty words. It’s takes bitter pills like “forgiveness” “moving-on”. It’s really really hard but looking at a bigger picture helps. The greater impact of thinks are worth considering.


      1. I’m so pleased to hear that. everytime i think about saying something i doubt myself first because i have done all these mistakes some time in life. but acknowledging and corrected the problem is better than acting like I never did anything wrong.
        Thanks for encouragement.


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