Ladies and gentlemen! here comes an avalanche of rants and life lessons of a soon-to-be-30 woman. Brace yourselves. You have been warned (read this in Liam Neeson’s voice) The rest you can read in your original voice. I will load and shoot. I am in no mood of making any amends for anybody’s preferences today,…… Continue reading Me!!

Sympathy?? No Thank You!

This is one of the words I hate… I detest! I can’t stand! This is one thing nobody wants when everybody voluntarily steps forward to gift it with the shiny ribbon on it…because it “looks” good. This is one thing we don’t need! Get your facts right! Yet this is strange…when we don’t get it…… Continue reading Sympathy?? No Thank You!

Don’t turn into a Rock!

So this is what everything has boiled to down to?? Overcome your fears Overcome your insecurities! Overcome your possessiveness, obsessive nature. Anger. Overcome your sudden urge to burst into laughter Overcome your need to cry a river Hold back!!! Overcome every passion! Overcome your urge to break your wings and fly away.. Because you’re…… Continue reading Don’t turn into a Rock!

When life finds you…

When i was desperately looking for my own peace of mind, this baby greatly filled a Hidden void that i wasn’t even aware of. Some things just find you in the perfect moment when you need them the most. Douse you in Satisfaction that you never expected in your craziest imagination. And help you fall in love…… Continue reading When life finds you…