Something About Mistakes – Charcoal Sketch

I am following a youtube channel these days; Art Prof, to learn art techniques and practice. The reason I am able to sit through even an hour long tutorial is this woman who is teaching there. The way she explains everything keep you hooked till the end. I drew this today.. I was practicing charcoal…… Continue reading Something About Mistakes – Charcoal Sketch

Fragments of One Huge Lie

Watch And you will see The birds flying In the magnificent skies Circle within The unmarked boundaries Feel the ocean Wrapped around you When you go for the next swim Let it seep To your bones And don’t be surprised By the nature’s demarcations The layers Of different waters Now look around At the people…… Continue reading Fragments of One Huge Lie

Ever Morphing Life..

Can you reserve a spot in life??? NO! Simple. Not in yours. Not in anybody else’s No matter what we tell ourselves to babysit our own fragile egos, we can’t own a place in anybody’s life. They will give us the status they want to and trust me its not for eternity. The moment I…… Continue reading Ever Morphing Life..

Illuminate and Look Around

Do you know your true Calling?? Could you hear your final destiny echoing in valleys of dreams? 5 years back I was an IT auditor in a Big4 firm. At that moment in time I thought this is it! This is what I was born to be. It’s perfect. And Bam!!! Life happened. What happened in…… Continue reading Illuminate and Look Around