Swiss Army Man – Movie Review

This is the craziest movie I have seen so far.

Last night, suspended in my own blankness I had to divert my mind to something silly before I would slide into an anxiety attack

What better than a movie?

I chose a few movies and watched their trailers. I have never made a decision faster without a reason.

Swiss army man is contemporary abstract modern art.

I was looking at something senseless and it was making all the sense in the world.

It was random, ugly, disgusting and yet pure, heartening and profound…and FUNNY!!

Love the concept!

It’s about a guy (Hank, played by Paul Dano) who is stranded on an island when a corpse (Manny, played by Daniel Radcliffe) washed ashore, with no memory of being alive.

Hank soon realizes Manny is human for of swiss army knife and can help him get home, hence the movie title.

And then begins the bizarrely entertaining journey of Hank bring Manny to life, teaching him basics emotions, our inherent human reactions and well..literally everything; from laughing to crying to pooping..

,And Manny?

Manny bluntly confronted Hank’s fear’s and insecurities, straightening complexities of life in simplest ways.

This movie moved me. I might re-watch some part of it.

I started watching it in a dark place. I cried a little here and there, but in the end I was smiling..

Favourite Quotes:

“But maybe everyone’s a little bit ugly. Maybe we’re all just dying sacks of shit, and maybe all it’ll take is one person to just be okay with that, and then the whole world will be dancing and singing and farting, and everyone will feel a little bit less alone.” – Manny


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