Packing my stash.

As long as I have my stash with me.. I won’t be completely lost. I will drift here and there but will always come back to my own being.


Time to pack up guys. It’s been the laziest packing ever, I have been packing my luggage in record time for a few emergency flights. But this time all my stuff has been piled up for last 3 4 days and I would just move them a little to make space for myself.

I took a moment I took this picture. This is half of the stash. Other half I posted before. I gave some of the read book to my sis as I dont have a personal freight train.

But I feel so weird.

I am going to miss dad horribly, and all my monkeys too, especially my toddler niece. Today she sang alphabets in one go and she is just 2 years old!! I couldn’t believe my ears.

But then I couldn’t believe when she said “it’s not funny” either. She won’t be this cute little Casper next time.

Farewells are hard. But you have to move on.

Shit! my heart feel so heavy saying this.

I have been swinging between complete numbness and panic.

Feels like I’m closing a chapter.

I know things will be hard, but I have books, colors, my blog, and I have me.

When I look back I see I survived all the thing I thought I can’t survive. Each one of them.

So I have my spirit. I don’t feel confident saying this, I feel a little sad.


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23 thoughts on “Packing my stash.

Add yours

      1. honestly don’t come here right now. things are really bad and they r going to get worse. so many people in our circle got tested positive, and nobody is listening. If you can wait or if you know your place in Lahore will have all the measures and people around you will understand, only then plan the return.
        My father had to be really strict with our relatives so that we could stay safe 4 months. Nobody listens here, no concept of social distancing and self-isolation.

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      2. I have to come back as it’s home!
        But my family is being very sensible and thank God there haven’t been any cases in our family, alhamdolillah. But I plan to quarantine myself for two weeks in my home. Thanks for sharing your concerns. 🙏❤️♥️💖

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      3. oh. That’s great. there were some repatriation flights from US maybe you will have to go from another airport. A family member is going back to US and they will be using connecting through 2 airport within US. maybe if you could find any such option, if that’s possible.
        That’s the most sensible approach you can take. a 14 days quarantine is highly recommended. hope all goes well ❤️🙂

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      4. They are starting flights from Seattle from 15 July. I don’t want to go from airport to airport. It’s too tiring at my age. Emirates is my favorite airline to fly with anyway.

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      5. You are right it gets really stressful. Emirates US to khi have transit in dubai. It’s already 3 airports if you add more airports.. even I would be thank you! Lol
        Yea emirates is good.
        Hope you get home soon and safe. InshAllah 😊

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  1. Don’t look back
    It’s time to pack
    The past must stay behind
    This all must end
    My only friend
    Stay lonely in my mind
    Come what may
    I’m on my way
    My path is dark but clear
    Come what will
    I’ve had my fill
    It’s all downhill from here.

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    1. I can only wish I was this talented! I would look at a random post and weave a poem there and then. Brilliant as always!

      And It’s not downhill from here. I totally believe if we have some years left, there must be something to live for. 🙂


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