Little stoney reached 3000 followers mark today.

First 2 thousands were fast, this one took effort!

Last year was crazy, wait..correction, THIS year is crazy!!

Last year was just busy, so it took a while to get here.

I feel like I was a child when I started this blog. I have come so far the beginning looks blur.

Especially my thought process, sometimes I feel I’m not that person.

So much has change.

People come and people go, but they leave their footsteps of kindness, honesty and sincerity.

Every person who came here and said 1 nice word has given me hope and strength.

This place has been a part of my life, my day, my recovery and my growth.

I have grown here.

And I’m grateful for each of you guys for that.

You can’t imagine what a living hell my world/life gets sometimes. If I didn’t have this window maybe I wouldn’t survive. And I mean it.

So, thank you for being here, all you beautiful souls.

And thanks for letting me be myself.

Love you guys!

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