Promote your book!

Hey Guys

Yesterday I reblogged book announcement of a blog friend of ours and this gave me an idea.

Why don’t we use this space to promote your book!

So this month.. that’s the plan!

This is going to be book promotion month yayyyy!

So please drop the links to your book, it could be amazon or wherever they r published, and announcement post or anything that can help readers to get to your published book.

I hate bored you guys enough!

Let’s do it. I will randomly look for books too but it would be very convenient if u give me the link by yourself.

Have a great day!!

Kindly visit my post Warriors Invited To Raise Mental Health Awareness where I am inviting Mental Health Warriors to submit their blog’s address so that we can join hands to control this wildfire.

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Here’s the link to my debut poetry collection => Swinging Sanity

Here’s the link to my post about the book – All About Swinging Sanity


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  1. This is awesome, indie author support is so important!! Here’s are my book links and descriptions. Can’t wait to hear about some reads from other authors, I need more books to read 📚😄

    I self-published my debut poetry collection awhile back called Strange Cars in the Night, which plays as sort of a love letter to road trips with the windows down at dusk, moonstruck weirdness, jukebox radio oldies, jarring highway solitude, all with a splash of comedy thrown in.

    Kindle – 2.99

    Paperback – 7.00

    My debut novel The Dioramist was self-published last April as well. It’s a coming of middle-twenties age dramedy (in the way of a literary John Hughes/Judd Apatow) about a man who struggles with the long love story of his life and his yearning to pursue creative writing. It’s an adult picture book with sketches that go right along with the story. The book itself is the main character’s diary, which comes across to the reader in a stream-of-consciousness format. Here is the description from Amazon:

    “The titular character in Eric Keegan’s The Dioramist is in the throes of a quarter-life crisis. He may only be in his midtwenties, but the dioramist finds himself lost and confused. He has spent so much of his time in an ill-defined relationship that he doesn’t understand himself apart from his partner.

    When a friend suggests that he begin writing down his inner thoughts, hopes, and dreams, our hero sets off on an adventure that shows him a new passion in life. Writing becomes fundamental to his identity, but he isn’t sure if he has the courage to share his thoughts with the world.

    At the same time, he struggles with his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Elizian. The two have been in a holding pattern for so long that neither is sure they’re ready to make the next step. As the writer gains enlightenment about his own life, Elizian will be inspired to seek out the same.

    This intimate, personal look at one man’s journey shows the many different routes recovery can take and reminds you that it’s never too late to fall in love with something new.”

    [The Dioramist](

    Paperback – 11.99

    Kindle – 3.99

    Hope you enjoy the books!

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    1. I’m about to self publish a new book soon. I published a book through Amazon a few years ago called Religion, Romance, and Real life


  2. Hi, This is an excellent idea. Problem is I am not really sure how to create a link to my poetry book “Life at the End of the Rainbow.” It is on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback. My published name is Jenny Andrews. I have listed it at my blog. I have only sold a few copies. I write poetry because I simply love the beauty of words. Let me know any books you have available and I can write a review. I reviewed fellow blogger Charles Heath’s novel “One Last Look” a few months ago on Amazon. He reviewed my poetry book, as well. Thanks in advance if you decided to purchase my poetry book and write a review. As writers, it is a wonderful idea to support our creative endeavors.

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  3. Yay for supporting indie authors! Thank you so much for the opportunity to A) share and B) get to know more awesome indie authors 🙂

    I have 3 books out right now, 2 are poetry (well…one is poetry and one is a weird hybrid experimental lyric essay thing…) and the third is a grim dark, urban fantasy novella about werewolves. I also have a short story available for download set in the same universe as the werewolf novella. All of these things are FREE and can be downloaded pretty much everywhere except Amazon.

    As I said, all my books are free but this coming Halloween I’m going to publish a short story collection that will be available everywhere for the low low price of 0.99 (I’m charging for this one so I can have a book up on Amazon 😉 )

    Thanks again for letting me share!

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  4. Oh my days! I have 3 books currently available, plus another due in 2 weeks.
    Day By Day – 395 poems written throughout 2018

    Syndrome – hard hitting, emotional & political

    Unfinished Business – unfinished stories, short stories, poems and tweet-sized offerings

    Underdog will be released (hopefully) Friday 20th September. Poems focusing on the battles we face in life and the victories we claim.

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  5. Wow, thanks, Stoner! What a thoughtful thing to do! Here’s a link to my books on my amazon page:
    ghost stories (Rest in Fleece, Death Be Not Loud)
    a nonfiction book about ghosts (About Ghosts: A Useful Handbook)
    Mob Haiku (Pasta La Vista, Baby, More Pasta)
    Other Funny Haiku: It’s Your Funeral
    Bosch: Love in Bosch’s Garden (sacred and profane love in the medieval imagination)
    and more: Infectious Ghosts (ghosts in the novels of F. G. Cottam)
    and more!

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  6. Excellent idea, and thanks for allowing me to spam…
    Here’s the Teleporter, a super hero comedy novella with some serious boozy undertones along with an important message about responsibility of power…
    I reckon a few more reviews and this book may ‘take off’

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  7. Thank you stoner for supporting indie writers. I had been hiding away from the world in fear of bad reviews, writing in the dark and not telling anyone except for few of my close ones, until I decided to publish my first ever novel. I am not from a mainstream place or a mainstream culture, so I believe the fiction created on the base of my first hand experience may feel a little weird. But this is how things run here. I would be on top of Mt. Everest if you’d review my work.

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  8. Not sure what an Indie Author is, but;. I have written a children’s book titled, ‘The Fly and The Flea’. It’s being sold on My friend did the illustrations and it has a cute moral to it

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  9. Thank you for the authorship support! It’s challenging, and can be expensive, to constantly self promote and increase audience awareness, so this is a fantastic idea! My book is called “Living with Vaginismus.”
    This book is about personal first-hand accounts of pelvic pain through the eyes of women, men and myself. For 8 years, I have struggled with vaginismus and began a blog, The Girl with the Paw Print Tattoo, to spread awareness about this condition to others. I have compiled some of my passages into this journal, along with interviews from others who suffer from vaginal pain.The purpose of this book is to shed light on an important topic and continue to spread awareness about vaginismus and other female sexual dysfunctions.
    The link is:


    1. First of all thanks for bringing this to light. I know about vaginismus few years back I got to know about it on a forum on social media and I was surprised. But then talked to a doctor about it too. The thing is it’s very rare or probably women don’t even know when they have it.
      I’m so glad u wrote a book on your experience. This needs to be told! Thanks a lot again!


      1. Thank you so much! It’s true, a lot of people don’t know about this condition or don’t really know all of the details relating to it. Hopefully the book helps to spread awareness on the condition, and also bring it more attention in the medical field.

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  10. Hey! I am a 15-year-old, aspiring poetess who has finally realized her life-long dream of publishing her own book! It’s called “Gallery of Stars” and is a collection of poetry about the whirlwind of teenage. Through the four parts of my book, from the Void, to the Stars, the Star Catcher, and eventually, the Gallery of Stars, I express my feeling on teenagers journey from the rock bottom (anxiety, depression, etc.) to the highest peaks of teenage (the teenage dream). It is internationally available on, please give it a look:

    Himna XO

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  11. Hey!!!
    Thank you for your authorship support.
    I am Blalock, and I had a Book Series Based On Nigerian Boarding School experiences published on BAMBOOKS.

    Below is the link and description:

    A Nigerian Boarding School Series
    Blalock Writes…

    Now available on *BAMBOOKS.*
    Book Link:

    Ayodele John had nursed plans of attending one of the best Private Colleges in Nigeria: Loyola Jesuit College but it wasn’t to be as his mum had other plans. She had made up her mind that her son was going to attend the Federal Government Academy, Suleja (FedAcad) which was one of the best Government-run Schools in Nigeria.

    John resumes into FedAcad and is faced by unplanned boarding school troubles ranging from assembling and sitting on the bare, cold terrazzo floor,gruesome friday labour, military-style saturday morning inspections and the worst of them all; incessant bullying from seniors and even colleagues.

    Is he going to survive them?

    Let me take you through a nostalgic voyage (if you did attend a Nigerian boarding school) and we’ll see if and how John is going to survive such troubles.

    Ooh you didn’t attend one? Well, Feel the experience!!!

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