All About Swinging Sanity – Book Promotion

11th March 2019

Another big bang is going to rock the universe tomorrow!

Well, that was bit of an exaggeration.

Tomorrow (12th March 2019) is going to mark the release of my debut poetry collection, that I have filled with my heart and soul as it’s my first published book ever.

With that, let me indulge in some blatant promotion of Swinging Sanity.

On 25th February I made it available for pre-order for the first time and since then it’s been an insane ride and made me shed tears of joy quite a few times.

By far it’s been experience of a lifetime.

Swinging sanity has already fulfilled a long-forgotten dream of mine. It earned me title of an author.


It gave me a status I never believed I will ever see. The #1 new release rank in 4 categories on amazon.

Ever read that Rumi quote??

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

For me it’s becoming that wound

Here I’m sharing the book trailer of sad angel of mine.

I can’t thank enough for the friends who have pre-ordered already from the bottom of my heart, for holding my hand on my first steps in this phase.

And if you want, please feel free to share this post, it’s going to be of great help to me.

Here’s the link to the book => Swinging Sanity

That’s all folks!

Have a great day 🙂

2020 Update!

 “Swinging Sanity” is available in paperback now!

ss ebook 2020 small

Considering the circumstances, ebook of Swinging Sanity will available for FREE on Saturday 28th March and Sunday 29th March.


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