On autopilot

Caught myself laughing, like actually shoulder-shaking-loud laughing under my mask today.

By the time I noticed I have been like this for a few full minutes, I forgot what was the reason.

And then I wasn’t laughing anymore because I was a tad terrified.

Pandemic has turned us into low-key Arthur from joker.

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Or maybe because I was stressed about something.


Thank God I haven’t escalated to this point yet.


I wouldn’t be writing this post. I don’t think they would give me internet connection in an asylum.

Either it was stress laugh or it was one of those fake-it-till-you-make-it laughs, where you are laughing for no reason so that your mind thinks that maybe there is a reason… am I making sense?

Doesn’t matter, nothing makes sense to me anymore.

These sudden short-term memory losses are getting confusing than even. I could be wailing like somebody died and forget within 2 minutes what started it, and rest of the crying is just inertia.

Or I could be laughing at something I had already forgotten 5 minutes back.

It’s one of those days when I’m operating on 100% autopilot.

Not hating it tho.


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