Thoughts on My Sister the Serial Killer

I want my one and a half day back!

My vision, time, sweat and tears..I want all of them back right now!

Well second line is too dramatic but trust me it’s better than the story.

When is started reading it I had a feeling it could be something different from mainstream novels these days, but the dream sank in the first 1/4th of the book.

Genre was supposed to be satire, but my expectations from the book turned out to be more satirical then this 226 pages long story.

It was shortlisted for some award.. not surprised at all. I am totally missing the concept and criteria behind the rankings and awards these days.

Story can be summed up as not-so-hot nurse narrating the story revolving around mainly her too-damn-hot casual/instinctive/impulsive ..but hot, serial killer sister.

It could have been a great book if the ending was handled well.

I was left with too many unanswered questions, without any direction to draw my own conclusions.

I had to finish this book as I wanted to finished anything that I started and in the end I wished I didn’t read it at all.

I don’t rate or review books that I don’t like, on amazon or goodreads as I know the effort it takes to publish anything at all.

Here, it’s my home, my venting space. I won’t even tag it as a review.

Maybe it’s just not my type of book.

Well. Hope life in quarantine hasn’t gotten too suffocating yet.


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17 thoughts on “Thoughts on My Sister the Serial Killer

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  1. Read it.
    I didn’t like the wishy-washy narrator nor her self-absorbed sister and her partial parents.
    I give it a C – only because it was outside of my white-bread environment.

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    1. I found self-pitying nature of narrator a bit too much. Covering up a self absorbed serial killer is something else, but what about going to lengths of folding her clothes?? She wasn’t a baby.
      Honeslty there were times when I closed the book and suck in a deep breath and prayed narrater would stop acting like that. It was annoying.

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    1. It’s fiction. And it wasn’t like a lot of open ending books. I have read plenty of those and I don’t mind the freedom of interpretation.

      But this books doesn’t provide enough substance to interpret the story. Some reviewers rightly said, it’s like writer suddenly hit the writer’s block.


  2. It is probably a bit obscure but what intrigued me about the book was the prequel that is built into the “Father” chapters. If you assemble those chapters chronologically, it seems to tell a slightly different story about who is the first killer in the family. Maybe I’m reading too much into it though.


    1. No you are not reading too much that’s actually how it is.
      In retrospect that’s how writer wrote and justified first murder and it’s background ran parallel to the present (remember painting?)
      But in the last page you are still left stranded. (Just my opinion) 🙂

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