Me talking about movies

Me: there’s one movie every woman must watch, mona lisa smile.

Friend: who is in that?

Me: Julia Roberts

Friend: Who is her romantic counterpart?

Me: Kristen Dunst, Maggie Jake Gelenhall’s sister, another girl from “he’s just not that into you”. Sorry butchering names..

Friend: I know who you mean, though. and I don’t know how to spell gillenhall. but i know neither of us did it right.

Me: and the girl from “10 things I hate about you”

Friend: Julia Styles

Me: yes Julia Styles!!


None of these girls were Julia Roberts romantic counterpart.

There are so many women in “he’s just not that into you”

It’s Gyllenhaal, Kirsten, Stiles!

And Maggie is Maggie Gyllenhaal… no need to write Jake Gyllenhaal’s sister..

After 10 minutes of struggles I sent the picture of movie poster.


6 thoughts on “Me talking about movies

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  1. I just went into another talk about an old Poe adaptation from Italy. We both knew the name of the movie(me and the other person knew it), but we knew it from the name it was sold by in our respective continents, which was different for each of us. The leading lady character was named Metzinginger or something, and was portrayed by Jane Fonda during her turn as a sex symbol. The Metzinginger name is important because its the title of her segment of the movie, too. Melzinbelger or something like that.

    Anyway, Mona Lisa Smile sounds like something I could watch someday. Have the Helena Bonham Carter Twelfth Night adaptation film plus The Long Hot Summer to watch over the holiday break. Good times!

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  2. I remember this movie. I think I liked it, though not enough to watch in its entirety again, but enough that if I came across it on TV and it was at the last thirty minutes, I’d watch the denouement again.

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