Just talking

Hi, I’m Bob.

No. I’m not but that’s how I thought I might start a podcast/vlog if I plan to.

I am not going to talk about what happened last few days as my I really really want this thing to happen on my friends pace. I want to follow her pace her flow.

We all grieve differently and I dont want a tiny bit of distraction in her healing. But we will talk about it when she is comfortable.

Right now I just want to be there with her as she cross this path.

But thank you so so much. She especially requested I post for prayers as she knows how supportive you always are.

Thanks a lot!


Moving on.

I have a few things on mind.

First of all my health.. I have been going to gym regularly which is just so great.

I trying to pick healthy food when I was grocery.

I m actively applying for jobs, let’s see where that goes.

And my book!

I have to format it. I am done with editing. I have format swinging sanity for paperback and I have been intimidated by it so far, any suggestion??

Then I am thinking to convert my blog into a website, go the dot com way. Any suggestions for that will be highly appriciated.


I’m watching Forrest Gump, finally!!

So I’m going with the flow in short.

I started a digital marketing course but the guy had an annoying voice..so might do it from another site now.

I have decided to just follow my heart.

Not pushing anything. Not stressing myself.

Just letting things happen, and pursuing what I feel like doing.

Some times we need to breathe.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves we are strong yet delicate human beings.

We have a mind body soul that gets tired and damaged.

We need rest every now and then and hear the ticking of clock, see the world in our own room around us, feel the air and comfort of the darkness.

We have to allow ourselves to be human every no and then.

Life isn’t fair my friends, don’t let it get to you.

I am grateful to have you all here. Always know that ❀


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  1. I love this stream of consciousness. It is something we wish sometimes we could do: read our loved one’s thoughts. I prayed for your friend and will continue as well as pray for you. I hope you find joy this Christmas season.

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