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The Adventures of Wine Mum

I’ve written this post a thousand times in my head, but last Mind Charity’s Mental Health Awareness Week, it was far too raw to publish. I was scared my family and especially my parents, would worry I was still in the same state. That I was a danger to myself…or worse.

I’ve often written about my Post Natal Depression, so I’m sorry if it’s becoming repetitive. But this time I’d like to explain its darkest side. I recently begun talking about this and, although no one seemed to judge me, they did seem taken-aback that someone would speak so frankly. And so I am now to you, too.

Too often women suffer in silent because of the stigma attached to PND, or assume its normal to have the ‘Baby Blues’. I hate that term. It trivialises and softens what can be a terrifying time for mothers. Plus it is often…

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