Just a Portrait – Charcoal

I had one blank (tinted with charcoal) page on my sketchbook and it was bothering me. I am a little hyper today. So thought before this energy start Depleting i better do something about that page. So.. So… Tada… How’s it?? I took the idea from google images so i wont take credit for that.…… Continue reading Just a Portrait – Charcoal

Just Jaded #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

I see Awestruck Ink and tears Mingling Then scarlet blood Leaking from My tired veins Joining them In erotic dance Of freedom I watch Mesmerized The patterns Swirling in trance.. On the surface Of clear water A naked canvas A vacant stage To show their passion Paint their prowess I count Calmly My withering breaths…… Continue reading Just Jaded #NaPoWriMo #AtoZChallenge

Waking up slowly..

A new day. Continuation of the same old shit. When a cargo train full of brand new information hits you, you can’t process anything. And if you don’t get a chance to process the whole thing turns into a huge tangled mess. I have been in a horribly dark dense place. I have never experiences…… Continue reading Waking up slowly..

Finally some light..🙂- Soft Pastels

For some reasons I stopped praying long ago and this is not something I am proud of. I just went into the state of despair where you stop asking and you start thinking ok this is life, this is how it is. People still remember me as somebody who used to pray regularly so whenever…… Continue reading Finally some light..🙂- Soft Pastels

Gibberish Again (with soft pastel work)

warning: you can totally avoid reading this post if you have something important to do it’s full of random gibberish. you can just look at the pastel work and move on to save time. I slept smiling and I woke up smiling. Talked to my baby brother last night. this weird baby is 11 years…… Continue reading Gibberish Again (with soft pastel work)

Blank – Charcoal Drawing

Went on experimenting with charcoal again. here it is.. for this I thought okay I won’t rush. I will take time and focus on details. it all went well but once I was done I went blank..(I cheated I know) so I won’t try to squeeze gibberish here and will leave you guys with this…… Continue reading Blank – Charcoal Drawing